African Night

As we were working John interrupted with a loud voice “Chai” “Chai” “Chai” this is serious. We turned back to see realize that he was only trying to get out attention. We asked what is the matter ? he said there is nothing I was running from School to catch up with you guys. We laughed and said look at this Yarouba boy is that how to stop people ? he replied shut up “Malo”. We continue to walk together. Mustapha said so John why do you sneak out of school ? he said it’s being long the last time I saw people. I replied what do you mean ? you mean we are not human beings ? he said I mean real people. I asked again what do you mean by real people ? he said okay I mean people that are walking around not students. I said now you are talking. This is how we usually do since when we are in year 3 of our secondary school. John asked us so where are you going to ? I said we are only going out watch local march between Kano Pillar and Kwara United and you where are you going to ? because I know you are not a fan of football. He replied I just needed a fresh air from school, let’s just go and watch your Hausa boys let’s see if they can do something. I argued my friend they are the best team in Nigeria.  We went to Port Harcourt  stadium to watch which Kano Pillars won by two goals to one but John was not impressed. After the match lets go back to school because it is getting late he don’t want our seniors to find out that we went out of the school.  Mustapha said Ibrahim this why I don’t want go out with this boy. Every time we had plans he must spoil those plans because he is afraid of punishment. Let me tell you if you afraid of punishment don’t come with us again.


To be continued ………….

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