An Orphan’s Wish: CHAPTER FIVE

I woke up the next morning with the a sound of soft knocks on my door. I batted my eyelashes lazily as the golden sun rays teased my eyes, causing me to get a bit irritated. I shuffled my feet under the covers and sighed in relief when I located silver. This was my way if knowing that he was near. I sat up, and looked at him. He was asleep, which was a bit weird since he’s always up before me. Is it still early? I questioned myself as I fumbled for my phone between the pillows. I gasped at the number of missed calls I’ve received. They were all from Jinan. The door suddenly flew open, as the person behind it grew impatient. Speak of the devil, in came Jinan. She paused mid way, and frowned at the sight of me while I blinked a few times in response.

“Why are you still in bed?” she walked towards the curtains and pulled on them, allowing more sunlight in. I winced at the sudden exposure light. “No, why would you do that?” I groaned, stuffing a pillow into my face. She chuckled. “And why would you laugh? it’s morning time, it should be illegal.” She sighed and approached me, ” still not a morning person I see. Well, we have to go shopping. Our flight leaves tomorrow, remember?”
“give me five minutes, I just woke up. I promise,” I mumbled, trying to adjust to the sunlight. She turned around, ” I will be waiting down stairs then, five minutes only!”
“Close the door behind you!” I shouted behind her, she giggled as she made a quick turn and closed the door. I eyed my small closet. I jumped out of bed and walked towards and opened it with my two hands. You know when girls say that they have nothing to wear because either they have a problem with their sights and cant see the pile of clothes in front of them, or the fact that they are actually spoiled? well, I literally have nothing to wear. And I’m also short on money for this shopping trip. I began to question this whole idea, but then shock the thoughts out of my head. No, I’m doing this. I grabbed a slightly wrinkled T-shirt that said The Rolling Stones and had a tongue stuck out, and matched a pair of black skinny jeans with it. I quickly changed in to my outfit, and brushed my hair. I braided it messily, and tucked my long bangs upwards with a black hairband. I quickly ran to the bathroom and washed my face. I brushed my teeth while making funny faces to the mirror. typical. I then made a stop to my room to grab my wallet and put on my Converse. Silver was Still asleep. That lazy fat cat. I ignored him and rushed down stairs. I saw Jinan chatting with Madam Emily. She spotted me and waved. I waved back awkwardly as I approached them both.

“So you decided to go?” Said Madam Emily to me, clearly examining my outfit. “Uh, yeah. I figured why not, you know, go and explore the outside world.” I shifted my legs uncomfortably. I hated her tone when she said that. She shook her head, and smiled. She then shifted her attention to Jinan. ” I’m so happy you’re doing this for her. You and your parents are being too kind, paying for everything.” I flinched; Jinan must have felt it because she responded with a nervous laughter. ” not really, I just wanted my best friend to come along. they were supportive of the idea that’s all.” Jinan smiled her perfect smile as she said that, showing her dimples. She then looked at me with apologetic eyes, which I rolled my eyes in response to. Jinan shifted her gaze back to Madam Emily, ” It’s been nice catching up with you Madam Emily. But we better go now.” She stood up, cause the chair to screech. Madam Emily’s face fell a bit. “So soon? I really enjoy your company dear.” Jinan nodded with smile” I do too, but we must go now I’m sorry.” Madam Emily told her not to worry about it, and to have a safe flight and that she will miss her visits, and a lot of crap. I wasn’t listening really, all I wanted was for this conversation to end. Madam Emily looked at me now, so I had to listen. “be a good girl, you,” she spat politely. “Oh I will be,” I tugged on Jinan’s arm, “let’s go.” Jinan Smiled a quick smile towards Madam Emily, who shouted after us to not be late. I could feel my face heat up with anger. But i ignored it. So what? This happens all the time. No big deal.

The car ride was silent first, but then Jinan had to talk about what happend back at the orphanage. “Doe she still do that?” Jinan began, a look of concern painted on her face. “Do what?” I replied blankly. I knew exactly what she meant, but I was simply trying to delay the conversation. “You know, make you feel like crap.” i looked at her for a few seconds, deciding in that short time span what to say without hurting her feelings by sounding so rude. Because let’s face it, I always do that. “Can we drop it please?” is what I ended up saying. She looked at me with an understanding look, ” of course.” This is what I love about Jinan, when you ask her to do something she does it with no hesitation. It might be the reason why everyone else adores her as well. She’s just a good kid. I smiled at her with gratitude.
“so, I think it is about time I tell you where we’re going. I was going to keep it as a surprise but nope, not anymore.” She said, happily changing the subject. My eyes widened, ” where?” She smiled at me and threw her hands in the air ” Spain baby!” she shouted. Yup, I’m apparently going to Spain tomorrow. We talked so much about the places that we could go there, and how much fun we are going to have until the car stopped in front of the mall.

“Spain would be awesome,” I said as I opened the car handle, “I can’t wait.” Jinan giggled as she got out, “same here, now let’s go crazy and shop till we drop.” and we shopped alright, I kept asking her not to pay for my things half of the time. She was not having it, and kept on picking up matching outfits, accessories, sunglasses and shoes for both of us. It was cute, until it got too girly for my taste. I hated pink, It’s such an annoying color. She knew it but continued enjoying teasing me anyway. Jinan ended up buying lots of colorful summer dresses and flip flops, while I stuck with green, blue, maroon, grey and black clothes and sandals. I think this is where the saying ” Opposite attracts” comes from, because other than the fact that we are both orphans and share the same taste in music, me and Jinan are very different human beings. I don’t mind it though. After hours of shopping, our stomachs grumbled so we decided to grab a bite. We sat at MacDonald’s and order food. Jinan and I spent most of the time chatting about meaningless things and laughing at strangers who did ridicules stuff while waiting for their turns to order, like picking their noses, laughing weirdly, having an accent, or shouting at kids. In the midst of it all, I realised how much I’ve missed spending time with JinJin. I’ve missed laughing and talking like this with her, and I was so glad that I was spending time with her right now. After we were done eating, Jinan suggested going to a movie.

“But what about all these bags we are carrying?” I questioned as we walked towards the ticket booth. ” I’ll just call the driver, he’ll pick them up and take them and take them back to the car.” Right, of cours. I mentally slapped myself at the dumb question; I forgot how easy it was for her. A rich family adopted her after all. she swiftly slipped out her phone, and dialed the number. She spoke quickly, and soon their driver approached us, took the bags in one go, and left. We bought the tickets shortly afterwards, and got a huge bucket of popcorn to share and some soft drinks. The movie was quiet good; a combination of funny and sad events really. I did’t cry, though Jinan was a mass of emotion sat right beside me. I made fun of her the whole time she was crying, she elbowed me me countless of times, cause my arm to bruise.

When the movie ended, we quickly existed the theater and climbed into Jinan’s car. We spoke for a bit, and listened to some American Authors while chanting the lyrics. this day couldn’t have been any better, but soon I frowned at the sight of the orphanage as we approached its gates. The car parked shortly afterwards opposite of the main door. “Don’t forget your passport tomorrow, the flight leaves at 5:00 pm sharp so you better be there at least half an hour early. Got it?” chirped Jinan excitedly, as she leaned in for a hug.I’m not that big on hugs, but I hugged her back while nodding on her shoulder, thanking her for the day as well. We broke the hug and we exchanged smiles once more before I exited the car, carrying my bags.
It was 9:00 pm, but the orphanage was quieter than usual. I tip toed my way inside, not wanting Madam Emily to notice me. I climbed the stairs steadily. As I approached my room, I heard small faint sibs. I froze for a moment. Some one was crying inside my room. My heart started beating fast, as goosebumps started to form on my legs and arms. I had a really bad feeling. I turned the doorknob hesitantly, and enterd. No, this can’t be happening.

“Sof-Sofi…S-Sil-ve-er.” Rami said between sobs, holding my fat cat on his lap. “He- he’s de-de-ad.” No. No. No. I kept repeating no to myself mentally as I approached Rami with shaky legs, I could barely hold myself up. I dropped the bags I was holding, and my eye sight started to get blurry as I reached a shaky hand to touch my baby’s head that rested on peacefully on Rami’s tiny chest. This can’t be real, I must be dreaming. This is an absolute nightmare. Silver can’t leave me, he just can’t. Not now, not when I finally started to be happy. If there is one thing that I can never tolerate losing, it is my Silver. I stroked his lifeless head, and my heart shattered into pieces. I broke down into tears. I took Him from Rami’s lap and hugged him tightly to my chest, I cried and soaked him with my warm tears. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t bare the pain. Rami scooted beside me and laid his head on my shoulder, as we both sobbed continuously. I lost the only thing that was close to my heart, I lost the only family that I had. I lost Silver for good.

I recalled all the memories I had with him, he was the only thing that witnessed every crappy thing I went through in my life. He was like the diary that knew all of my deepest dark secrets; he was more than just an ordinary cat. And now he’s gone. He is gone. I gained a light push From Rami as we stood outside in the dark garden, lighted only by a few lights and the moon itself. I realised that it was time to lay him inside the ground; it was time to let Silver go. I whimpered at his lost, and placed him gently on the ground. We closed the small hole on the ground, watching his body disappear under the layers of sand. the sight was too cruel. Rami placed a brick on top of it.

He them hugged my waste, he seems to have developed a habit of doing so. We both stood there, staring down at the freshly made grave. ” I will take care of him while you’re gone. I promise, I will even write his name on that brick.” Tears streamed down my eyes as he spoke those words, and I hugged him closer. “I know you will,” I looked down at him with a faint smile, ” You loved him so much to not to.” We stayed like that for a while; just looking at the small grave and remembering the ball of fur that once was a happy lazy fat cat. Rest In peace buddy, I will miss you forever.

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