An Orphan’s Wish: CHAPTER THREE

I wasn’t keen on the idea of traveling with Jinan, but I wasn’t that happy with the way I handle it either. Why was I so bugged about it? It was my choice after all. I stared at my breakfast, which probably is ice cold by now, as Silver jumped on the table, making me jump back to reality. “Silver, get down” I picked him up. He kept on scrambling between my light handgrip, and swiftly jumped, escaping my hands. “Boy, you silly cat” Said Madam Emily, as she passed by the fury ball who ran through the door. She narrowed her eyes at me, and frowned” why haven’t you touched your breakfast yet? It’s the birthday special! You eat it every year” Madam Emily always cooks me this special breakfast of hers whenever my birthday is around, she says that it is made with love, but I bet it is cheaper than cake and balloons. I don’t mind not having a proper birthday, I don’t think of my birth as a holy day to be celebrated anyway. I looked at her, and sigh shifting my gaze to my intertwined fingers “ I’m just not very hungry”. “That’s nonsense,” she began, taking a seat in front of me,” what happened?” I really didn’t want to talk, but she was the only person I could share this with. She hasn’t been exactly like a mother to me, but she is older, and that makes her wiser. This conversation could go either way, and that is why I hate talking to adults. They don’t really understand regular teenagers, let alone an orphan one. But it is worth a shot. “I talked to Jinan yesterday,” I shrugged, and looked at her. She nodded, giving me permission to continue, so I did” she’s traveling in a few days, and asked me to go with her and her family, but I refused.”
“That’s very nice of her to ask,” she smiled, “ how was she? And how are her parents doing? Where are they going?” Well great, I knew this was going to happen. The conversation always turns to Jinan whenever I mention her to Madam Emily. She was always likable, and I was always the outcast. Not that I hate her for it, she cant help being who she is. I just wish for once that I could be like that. I placed my hands in my hoodie’s pocket, and jerked my shoulders, “ she seems fine. I don’t know about her parents though, and where they’re traveling.”
Madam Emily looked at me for a second, and said in a bored tone “very well,” she got up and said “ will you be eating that delicious plate of scrambled eggs and sausages or should I just toss it down the bin?” I shook my head, “ no I’m not feeling it, thanks anyways.” I got up, and walked slowly to the door. I heard her snitch it from the table and toss it while mumbling “ what a waste”. I ran to my room as soon as I exited the kitchen, and locked the door behind me. I quickly grabbed my phone, placed my headphones on and started listening to American authors. I flopped on my bed, and starred at the empty creamy sealing. I seriously like this band, their lyrics are genius, and the music just sails me to other places. I wanted to cry, I wanted to shout, but nothing was coming out of me. I was completely numbed by the music. I was an empty shell, with no fillings of feelings at all. Madam Emily was clearly not listening to what I said, all she cared about was knowing more about the foster parents of other people. I hated this place, I hated my life, and I hated myself. No one will ever come here and claim me, no one is going to love me. The thought of it sends shivers down my spine. It is both scary and sad. I guess I just wanted Madam Emily to tell me to go, to encourage me to do something new. I was disappointed, not that I expected her to actually say that, I just hoped and look where hoping got me to. Nothing. I am pathetic. I felt a warm tear slide down my cheeks, as I quickly wiped it with my sleeve. I took off my headphones, and sat up, crossing my legs as I looked out the window. The sea was a few miles away but I could still see it. I trailed off, but not for long as I heard scratching noises on my door. Silver, that old twat. I got up and opened the door, as he rushed inside, and kept twirling between my legs. What a suck up. I closed the door and bent down looking under my bed for his treats. As soon as I found them, I grabbed two biscuits that were shaped like fishes, and gave it to him one at time. I clapped my hands to slide away the crumbs, and stroked his back. I flopped back on my bed, and Silver jumped on too, curling up on my lap. “ I only have you buddy,” I said as I scratched his head. He purred right to into sleep.
I woke up from my slumber at 6:00pm; I slept for so long for some reason and skipped lunch. Typical, and what is even more typical is the fact that I wasn’t woken up for it. I sigh as I move my legs slowly, not wanting to wake up my lazy fat cat. I jumped out of bed and went out of my room. The bathroom was in the far left, so I had to walk in front of the other’s rooms. I don’t usually interact with the kids, but few tend to want to be close to me for some unknown reason. As I attempted to open the bathroom door, a little boy suddenly jumped in front of me with a scream mask, making me jump back and fall right on my bum. “RAWR! I AM A GHOST!” he shouted, I cursed under my breath in a low tone and looked back up at him. He flipped the tip of his mask up and looked at me with an amused smile “ oh hi Sofi,” he laughed. It was Rami, the house prankster. I huffed and got right up on my feet, swaying a bit and rubbing my eyes in annoyance, “ Rami, what did I tell you about jumping people like that?”
“Sorry,” he raised his two hands in defence; “ it is fun,” he laughed again. I looked down at him with warning eyes, “ it is not fun to me buddy, now move away so I can use the bathroom.” I held the back of his t-shirt, and dragged him side ways, making way for me to enter the bathroom. He chuckled as I did that. I shut the door, and head immediately to the sink to wash my face.
I re-entered my bedroom, only to see him curled up next to Silver. I sigh and head to my bed “Rami,” I poke him with my finger, “ get up, now!” He looks at me with his innocent brown eyes, and sits up “ I want to stay with you” I roll my eyes, “ Why? Go play with the others” I say steadily. He looked sad, and shook his head. I bet he misses his mom. I sat next to him, and patted his head as he leaned in for a sudden hug. I don’t really mind, I’ve been there once. But Unlike Rami, I had no waste to hold, and no shoulder to rest my head on. I had a bed, a soaked pillow, and a cat. “ Happy birthday” he said, his voice muffled through my hoodie. “ Thanks,” I shrug. The kid is sweet, but only when he’s defenseless like this.
We stayed like that for a few minutes, when I sudden idea hit my head “Rami, you want to go out and get some hot dogs?” he broke the hug and looked up at me with sparkling eyes, “ yes!”
“Go grab your shoes, and wait for me outside near the entrance. I will get my backpack and meet you there. Don’t let Madam Emily catch you, okay?” He nodded his head excitedly, “peace of cake, I can do that” and ran out the door. I smiled a weak smile, as Silver stretched and tossed himself on the ground. The old man who sells the hot dogs around the corner always has good stories to say. Maybe he will make my birthday better. I could use the company. I get up and slide in my short boots, I place my messy hair into a bun, and quickly toss my bag on both of my shoulder. I sneaked out, and met up with a curled up Rami on the entrance. “ready?” I whisper, “you bet” he answers enthusiastically. I smile at him, and as we start walking away from the orphanage.