Alex always wondered why Miss Jane always sat in front of her porch by six in the evening. He had asked the question to several many who had noticed Miss Jane’s tendencies but he couldn’t get any reasonable answer. For two weeks, she will come out of her house and comb her long blond hair […]


In a busy town like Duma, everyone’s business is to make money or leave the town for greener pastures. Life was hard for Carl and he had just enough to nourish his family. He had hoped to make some sales of the goods he had left in his storeroom but when he got in contact […]


It was however hard for Douglas to ignore captain Mugri’s command during the war fare. They had been in the cold for several hours in wait for the enemy and Douglas was feeling dizzy. He had killed two soldiers in the opposite camp and he thought that was probably enough. All he wanted was to […]


In the evening, the town is calmer and I can feel the tranquil breeze, flush down the ills of the day as I looked down from my balcony. It had been so tough and yet, so soft to have made away with $7000. I took a sip from the hot scotch Martini I had poured […]


Claudia had never dreamed some day that she could have over a hundred men under her command. She was vicious and terrorized the town and the good people of Daughtrey. She had sent Juliet and Carl on a mission to steal the seal of the state and had recommended that she would use it to […]

The Dockland Murders

This book is the first major work I wrote.  The story is about a young female PI, in a dingy US mid-town area, who first solves a cold case, which leads to the exposure of a cop killer, but what secret is he hiding?