Beyond goodreads Online community

Last month I heard the privilege to meet Murdoch University’s literature club during studentsera’s podcast. The literature club aim is to be something like real life goodreads whereby instead of the students to go online discussing books with random online people, you can actually meet people that you can discuss books with. The ease of […]

The world Unite

Today is the first day of my life that I see everyone is talking about the same thing in a positive way. Today is the day Muhammad Ali died at 74 years old, he is the greatest boxer of all time. Uniting the whole world is a legacy in it’s self. Muhammad Ali is an […]


Trunk was a lovely city in those days but its people had spoiled its fortune with corruption. Everyone was corrupt except for Paul. He too was corrupt initially until something happened to him. Paul was a task collector and every end of the month, he stood at the gate in wait for traders who came […]


The yam festival was one to recon but they seemed not to understand the dangers that waited ahead. The primitive tribes of Krampoa and Zed had emerged as one and the fight was not for gold but for life. I was seated at my end in these futile thoughts, to figure a way for my […]


Once upon a time in Triumph town, there came a man in search for the hidden treasures that were kept sacred in the temple of Triumph and King Damas had declared a dead sentence to whoever should steal or be found with any one item of the temple. Bundez was vicious and had a gang […]