Every child has the right to education

The financial and social costs of poor literacy have been well documented (Greene, 2000). The consequences of poor reading and writing skills not only threaten the well-being of individual Americans, but the country as a whole. Globalization and technological advances have changed the nature of the workplace. Reading and writing are now essential skills in […]


There always comes a time in everyone’s life when he gets to seek for the most dreaded answers to his/her most curious questions. What is, why is, how is…Whatever way you ask these questions to yourself, it is going to be a matter of time before you realize how valuable it is to explore certain […]


I had spent most parts of my life as a slave and now, the black people of the north were freed by one order that came from above. There were rumors of an upcoming civil war. My Massa, Candie Dolovas was kind though he had a habitual tendency to hate us. I had served at […]


I met Samantha when she had a son and a daughter with two different men. She was looked down by every man and her family had deserted her for being so careless with her life. Her father always told her that the first child was a mistake but the second child was folly. Samantha decided […]