Al Byano’s aircraft crashed on mars during his travel to the earth. He was sent by his king Al Burano to find out on any galaxy with life. He had toured the whole universe at large with no result and when he crashed on mars, he felt a strange pull from another planet. He looked […]


Once upon a time in the city of Roz, lived a farmer, John. He had always dreamed of getting out of poverty and become noble and rich with affluence. He had inherited a small piece of land his late father left him and it was there he’d built his hope of becoming rich. Yearly yields […]


The mystery of old was a plague to humanity and the cities were cursed with darkness. Politics was something of the past and it seemed childish to be talked about. Now, those famous rulers who had worked for the world’s peace became a taboo for anyone to think of. During the night, everyone was awake […]

Sky is the Limit

Ali had always hated to feel optimistic with the circumstances that surrounded him. He was the quick to get in trouble kind of guy and with that, it was most obvious for him to make many enemies. At 13, he still couldn’t meddle with his friends during the play-outs and every time he wanted propose […]