An Orphan’s Wish: CHAPTER SIX

On the next day, the ride to the airport was a complete disaster. I woke up late with puffy eyes, with Madam Emily’s shouting in front of my room as an alarm clock. Apparently Rami poured some backing soda on her bathroom floor and mixed it with some vinegar, causing a stinky odor. After washing […]

An Orphan’s Wish: CHAPTER FIVE

I woke up the next morning with the a sound of soft knocks on my door. I batted my eyelashes lazily as the golden sun rays teased my eyes, causing me to get a bit irritated. I shuffled my feet under the covers and sighed in relief when I located silver. This was my way […]

An Orphan’s Wish: CHAPTER THREE

Thank you to whoever is taking the time to read this story. I don’t know if I am putting enough effort on it, since I’m juggling a secret manuscript and university exams at the same time. Hopefully it is still enjoyable. Thanks again!

An Orphan’s Wish: CHAPTER TWO

“Silver!” I whispered, as my cat approached the wooden kitchen door and started scratching on it. My cat was acting strange, so something must be up. I approached the door with shaky legs, and prayed that it was a silly bug or something. But my heart was telling me something else; I knew it wasn’t […]


It was November again and the rain had seized completely. Farm yields were poor throughout and our tribe starved with the devastating drought that had announced. Farms were abandoned and homes were deserted. The lad looked drier than it was supposed to and while some of us sought to make a change, there were others […]