At full moon, Tom crawled quietly under is blanket with eyes that sparked from the reflection of the distant light that shone in his room. “Mommy I am scared.” He bleated and sank in the more. “There’s nothing for you to worry about Tom, you have me and besides, your father has returned.” His mother […]


Startled as I stood, it drew closer to me with its gaseous breath that reeked like hell. I sought to grab something but it was too late for it lifted its hands to smash me with one deadly move. I shut my eyes tightly and clenched my teeth in wait but after a last growl, there was silence in the absolute. I looked down and saw the mask at my feet. The ghost had varnished and Jope was standing right there in its place almost breathlessly. “Let’s go home,” he muttered and supported himself on my shoulders.


Guru, a small Island at the tail of the Atlantic Arch, West Borow seas at the Northern tribes of the Sazambu was the most vicious queen of all times, Celine. She ruled with sorcery and all the peoples of the lands feared her. She had created a legend for herself. She was feared even by […]


Get thrilled with the first episode of my new horror story on the castle of doom and how Maiva hopes to make the curse a blessing to the people of the town. Her struggle to keep her own life leads her to the realization that she too was doomed from the moment she found herself within those huge walls with nowhere to hid…Nowhere to run.


As the hurling wind whistled through the frosty shrubs, I managed to hide amidst a huge mesh of grass that was heaped amidst the trees. The trees that flanked the little path formed some horrible conspicuous images in the air like giant gods engaged in a battle. It was noiseless and creepy and I couldn’t determine which way to take. Something – Someone was marching and smashing the dried leaves and branches nearby. I stared with red wide eyes as the steps intensified towards my direction. Its breath breezed out with a growling heat like a dragon’s breath and when I peered to look, I saw the creature clearly. It was wearing Jonathan’s clothes and most obviously, it was Jonathan. His face had deformed into some slimy greased matter with black slimy leakages that dribbled down his face from all angles on his head. His eyes had shrunk within their sockets, dark and greasy, they darted in search. My breathing was loud and his sniffing was powerful. He could smell me and I couldn’t move a morsel from where I hid in stare. He walked a few steps in my direction and the faint blue light that was mixed with the smoke of the fog caused his shadow to cast upon me. Yes, he could perceive my scent and with a closer and curious look… “Jonathan please it’s me…” I bleated as he plunged his fist hard against my cheek. I could barely determine his direction as my vision grew blue out of a sudden and then dark. He seized me by the hair and dragged me all along the moist coarse ground of the cemetery tombs. He mumbled in growling bleats despite my plea for my freedom. “Jonathan no…” I yelled with the last vigorous drag and I was yet again in the castle…

Chronicles of Mark Johnson

This is the award winning story of an ex-celebrity photographer, who leaves the limelight in order to find his love of photography again; only to become a demon-hunter, but he has his own demons to fight too.