Hannah had wished to own a talking doll when it was the time for holidays. She felt left out as she watched the other kids play happily with their dolls. There was an annual routine wherein every parent in his or her neighborhood exchanged gifts for their kids and took them out to the park […]


I was ten years old and I had no idea why everyone wanted to get a crystal crunch fruit with a cereal box. It made news in every corner of my class and I felt left out. Most of the boxes came with prizes; Ada had a piano which she always showed off with, Maggie […]


Once upon a time in the city of Norma, there lived a girl from a noble home who had wished for her father to take her out. She wanted to visit the places she often saw in her bed time story books and she so loved to see the zoo. Her father, rich and authoritative […]

Sky is the Limit

Ali had always hated to feel optimistic with the circumstances that surrounded him. He was the quick to get in trouble kind of guy and with that, it was most obvious for him to make many enemies. At 13, he still couldn’t meddle with his friends during the play-outs and every time he wanted propose […]

Naughty Monsters

Sasha’s mum was puzzled. She had just been grocery shopping and there were definitely four iced buns in the packet when she had left the store. So how come there were only two now? Had she dropped them in the car? With a sigh, she picked up her car keys and went into the garage […]