Their congregation was eager to eat the flesh of the hero. They waited for the moon to disappear the thick grey clouds that crept across gradually and meanwhile, Miguel managed to cut himself lose. He hoped to his feet and flung himself at the grand master for a duel without arms. He was thrown to the ground with one deadly swing and as powerless as he appeared, he only thought of escaping.

His fight to escape was a great success but it reached everyone as bad news for the hero they had escaped not to return. The town was darkened by the power of the unseen and every night, there were cries from every home that buzzed the cold streets. It was time someone came up with an armor as strong as theirs to defile the unseen and when the time came, the town’s men were ready to die for a future unknown.


On a cold Sunday afternoon when Mary and James took Kate and Prince to the park as it was routine for the family to go on picnics on weekends, little Kate was astonished to discover something she never would have been able to explain to anyone. “Daddy, look, there’s an owl in the woods. It’s […]


Once upon a time, there lived an old witch on the North side of Carolina on the hilltop with two of her granddaughters. She had taught them how to practice the black magic with prudence and they were not allowed to fall in love or marry. Old Olga was strict to her last days and […]


It was a cold night at the Kondiata kingdom out skirts; the ladies paraded the earthed roads raising the dust amidst the frosty weather. Their silk laces covered their nudity in transparent glisters as the paid reverence to the huge carved stone on the hill top they served. It was their tradition to do a […]

The Ghost of St.Mary’s

The headland at Scarborough is dominated by the ruins of the 12th Century castle which is impenetrable from the sea, as the rock face is sand and virtually sheer.
This is a story not of the fight for the fort but for a lost soul.
Just below the castle is the church of St. Mary’s and in a far corner hidden from sight lies a broken gravestone, this is the sad story of a schoolgirl, her grave lies weed-ridden and long forgotten.