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Letters From Africa: The Modern African Poetry Compilation (Chapter One)

Letters from Africa: the Modern African Poetry Compilation is the first ever of its kind as it is a collective poetry compilation made by Africans throughout the continent with the purpose of showing that there’s more to Africa than being presented to the world; there’s art, there’s poetry.

It has five chapters which sequentially flow. The chapters range from The Art of Poetry to poems on Africa. The poems in these chapters are easily comprehendible so that even a non-poetry reader finds them rather intriguing.

This poetry compilation is captivating as it flows rhythmically from poem to poem and chapter to chapter and is definitely a must read.

It is the first compilation made by the African Poetry Project and is most definitely a great way to kick off the project.

This is its first chapter.


When I first beheld your grace, I felt lost in the shadows of my world Created for me to save lives from things ever so cruel I knew of this man from a land so far and yet so near Who counted such days of agony for an end not known to all   When […]


At first light, all I hope to see before dark is you I go hungry because I will want a dish for two For all is vague and dark my heart, my love you loot To keep so tight in your care with that act of doom   I came to see Oh belle my […]