I had spent most parts of my life as a slave and now, the black people of the north were freed by one order that came from above. There were rumors of an upcoming civil war. My Massa, Candie Dolovas was kind though he had a habitual tendency to hate us. I had served at his construction firm and he was the only one among their multitude who paid us salaries.

Most times when I saw him reading political books, I had this vision that one day, we were going to be free. The feeling ate me every day and I set writing a journal that will be read in all times. Men have always regarded legendary to brutality, fame to shame and blood for gain.

However way you choose to regard me will only be a matter of conscience for I come to you not as a savior or a hero, I come to you in truth that whatsoever was, that you heard in classrooms or gatherings was a mere fraction of the truth. I was conceived by my Massa in this ritual before he died to uphold this truth for a time like this.

We were not slaves to anyone for everyone was a slave to something. It was a fight for survival. The strong made but the weak fell at the mercy of the strong in the sole effort to be free. We were all slaves, to politics, war, hard work, daily trials you can name the rest. We battled free lands not for slaves but in the end, we reasoned like adults that we were all brothers from one species and we despised ourselves so much when everything wasn’t our fault.

I studied the arts of freedom and when I set on this mission, I wrote what was true to save the war that was rumored. We were free and no matter how successful you will feel, you will always live in want for such is the complexity of life. It was so from the time we evolved to a true human species, we were always looking for something, food, shelter, territory, glory… But no one ever asked why? Why should we look after what will never look at us? Then I started to realize that whatsoever meets you is your forever but whatsoever you meet, you shall surely leave behind someday, Power, war, legacy, fame, popularity…SLAVERY

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