Alex always wondered why Miss Jane always sat in front of her porch by six in the evening. He had asked the question to several many who had noticed Miss Jane’s tendencies but he couldn’t get any reasonable answer. For two weeks, she will come out of her house and comb her long blond hair for everyone to see.

“Excuse me, Can I talk to you please…” Alex called out. It was most obvious that Jane had beaten his resistance and now they were on her porch and Jane was looking at him with brooding eyes that urged him to state his business. “Sorry to disturb your peace beautiful one but I’d love to make an acquaintance to you ever so unique,” Alex said.

“You’re the fellow living across the yard right?” Jane asked.

“Exactly and I could fix you some tea if you want,” Alex responded. Now Alex only went after her lustrous beauty and he quickly forgot that he had just too much to handle at his bank.

“That’d be a great idea…Tea will do just fine but it’s going t wait till evening…I have some important guests from abroad…I have to be at the bank to get a loan…” Jane responded. Alex felt touched by her concern for friends and since he so wanted to get intimate with her.

“You may come to my bank then, I will so be willing to loan you the money Miss…”

“Jane…That’ll be so wonderful of you my dear friend, so I presume we move straight to the part where you wanted us to have a tea party for two.” She said with an air of romance that swept Alex off his feet.

The moment they had tea, Alex went to his coffers and took all the money he had saved from his bank and handed to Jane on the account that she will spend the night at his place after her friends were gone. She accepted his proposal with so much delight and once she was gone, there was no such thing as friends coming over to her place. Jane made away with all the money from Alex’s bank and now, Alex will be put to prison for being so egoistic.


In a busy town like Duma, everyone’s business is to make money or leave the town for greener pastures. Life was hard for Carl and he had just enough to nourish his family. He had hoped to make some sales of the goods he had left in his storeroom but when he got in contact with Dango, the notorious con man in town, Carl was duped of his last stocks and his family will now suffer the consequences of his illegal dealings with Dango. Carl could not let go the bitter feeling that Dango had robbed him of his last hope to revive his family again. He used the last savings he had made in the past eight months and got himself a gun. He set out on the mission to end Dango’s life. Studiously ever, Carl designed his wife to act like a hawker for Dango’s distraction and when the first step of their plan succeeded, Carl burst in Dango’s luxurious apartment after making it through with his tough guards. Dango was shocked to find Carl and his wife staring at him with eyes that could shoot a bullet. He made all sorts of promises and wished to repay Carl double what he had stolen from him but Carl was not out for the money. He had come to teach Dango the lesson he will forever remember even in the next life. They tied Dango on his bed and with a sharp knife; they tore the soft flesh on his back. Maggie, Carl’s wife had come along with grounded fresh red pepper and they both infused the substance in Dango’s wounds. The pain was greater than he could bear and with force, Carl shoved some of the pepper down his got. Dango had his hands tied and as the pain ate him, he pointed out all hidden corners in his house where he kept money. Carl and Maggie later took him down at his basement and chained him to a pillar with his mouth scotched. The locked the room and threw away the key. Made away with all that Dango had stolen from every one and then when they got home, they devided to move their family to another city where none of Dang’s men will find them for a very long time.


It was however hard for Douglas to ignore captain Mugri’s command during the war fare. They had been in the cold for several hours in wait for the enemy and Douglas was feeling dizzy. He had killed two soldiers in the opposite camp and he thought that was probably enough. All he wanted was to return home to his kid and wife but Mugri was never going to let him go that easily.
In the shootout upheavals, Douglas was compelled by Mugri to snipe someone in a distance. Douglas fixed his arm and stood in position to shoot but when he looked through the lens, he discovered it was a kid in the far end. He called out the captain’s attention but Mugri was too headstrong to admit and went on to insist for Douglas to pull the trigger. Douglas panicked greatly and he could not shoot the kid.
The command came several times as the kid drew nearer but Douglas kept hesitating and resisting his captain in battle. He knew the consequences if Mugri fired a negative report about his conduct. It will be the end of his career and he did not wish to end his career over some selfless person as Mugri.
“Duglas goddamn it shoot,” Mugri said even as he saw clearly that it was a small boy coming up ahead with and empty bowl in his hands.
“Sir can’t you see that he’s only a kid…” Douglas argued but Mugri was too impatient to wait for him to get his orders so he stuck out his gun and stretched to shoot. Douglas plunged on him and after a brief moment wrestle, there was a gunshot that sounded.
“This is war gentlemen and it is either you shoot or you are shot,” the kid said pointing the gun at the both of them.


In the evening, the town is calmer and I can feel the tranquil breeze, flush down the ills of the day as I looked down from my balcony. It had been so tough and yet, so soft to have made away with $7000. I took a sip from the hot scotch Martini I had poured for myself in a glass as I tried to figure out what the con had been all about.

Joe, Raz and Naomi had involved me with every hope that I was going to endorse them for their upcoming nomination for leadership with Goefry, the mayor. I thought to myself for one moment, this was my big pick. I wouldn’t let this opportunity pass me by, so I agreed to help them achieve what they had come for.

I was the man of the people and for the people. Anyone wanted anything done; they contacted me because I always knew someone who knew someone who could get you what you wanted. I was that one man in ten thousand Raz and his band looked for. First, I saw the little profit I could make from a small campaign they wanted. I go my way with $200 and they make the whole lot of money in my back.

“Christ this won’t happen to me,” I said to myself as I did my enquiries on the pricing for the various posts they had opted to stand for the nominations. There was Richard Sypher, the best arbitrator in the pooling and a friend. He had assured me there was going to be a $7000 bundle for every group participants. Naomi was good at luring whoever she wanted and she had passed the test when she had me sign the $200 contract and in two days, the handing over will be done. “There is always something you can do Sypher, remember you owe me one…” I said quite convincingly. Sypher could be direct sometimes but when it came to me, he was a bit of a quandary and he could handle it all the same.

It was just for him to handle certain digits and change one or two references. I very much required that and once I had cashed the money, I went straight to the boarder. The heat was on and everyone was after me. Without clues and proof of theft, I was apprehended and while they sought to sentence me, the judges found me innocent of the charges though some could say I was a major cause of an up riot in the town.

The shadows of the faint black smoke still rose from the hot ground and with that blend of freshness and satisfaction, I decided to put it all behind me and move ahead.


Claudia had never dreamed some day that she could have over a hundred men under her command. She was vicious and terrorized the town and the good people of Daughtrey. She had sent Juliet and Carl on a mission to steal the seal of the state and had recommended that she would use it to bring down the rule of Gomez, Governor of the state. Her intentions had always been selfish and Juliet had always hated her for being so self centered.

They had founded the union the both of them and she now had bypassed Juliet and now ruled the band of a hundred men, with Juliet under her command. Juliet nonetheless had a plan, she wanted to take all that Claudia had stolen from her and this one last job would make them even. The seal was going to render whoever has it, the most powerful person in the state and with Carl being a simple ‘yes man’, Juliet could use some discretion to expel him and get a hold on the seal.

First, they have to switch the alarms to the museum building off and Carl was just the expert for that. The seal was kept in a secure glass case and in a pressure sensitive room. Juliet was aware of the absolute security so she had filled air in plastic bags tied to her whole body. She was to hold her breath from the time she entered to the time she would come out so not to alter the pressure of her body. It was a two minutes walk to the glass safe and back.

Breathlessly, she managed to tell Carl to give the news to Claudia of their success while she takes a rest under a tree. Carl feeling quite confident got the news to Claudia but Claudia is raged as she anticipated what Juliet had meant by sending Carl without the seal. “You fool, you just betrayed me, I asked you to watch her closely Carl,” she cried out and now, she will have to submit to Juliet’s rule and then, run all the errands Juliet will require of her. There was no escape and power was sweet especially when it was power manipulating Juliet.

Claudia had no choice and with Juliet as the new commander, she sought to bring back the peace of the state by implementing new rules. It was never an easy task to have been slave under her partner and show her mercy when it was her turn to rule. She put vicious Claudia into prison and hoped she rut in there but just one morning, the news broke that Claudia had evaded and worse was the disappearance of the seal…


The Dockland Murders

This book is the first major work I wrote.  The story is about a young female PI, in a dingy US mid-town area, who first solves a cold case, which leads to the exposure of a cop killer, but what secret is he hiding?