2017 Year of learning

In 2017 I met more people that I could image. 2017 was the first year I had my first international trip, 2017 was the I was first recorded live on tv and radio. I drove more kilometers in 2017 than my previous stay in uae in total from 2011-2016.

Just like every year I started 2017 at home in Nigeria celebrating my second/high school’s friend wedding on the new year’s day. I came back to work in Dubai mid of the month with the aim to expand my business and study more as 2016 ended in a good for me. I spent the last month on holiday, celebrating my younger sister as she got married. The first fifteen days of 2017 were well spent visiting family and friends knowing that 2017 will be a long year as the plan was to do more than the previous year. The first project I had in 2017 was to organize RAK education exhibition in partnership with RAK Education Zone.  Organizing such event is not an easy task as it require one to find the perfect location, find the right marketing channels and also find the right partners to make the event successful.  I was planning to grow the studentsera platform, a student engagement that aims to connect students across the country online and offline through different activities.

In February we decided to launch the studentsera podcast which was the first podcast in the country that focus on giving students a platform to express themselves. At first we started as learning platform to understand students’  challenges during their college lives. We started at Dubai Technology entrepreneur center where my office is located with the aim to collaborate with different Universities in order to set up small campus radio where the university students from that particular university will be employed to do some form of internship in the project. Later on I find out that Infive Center the Dubai Internet city incubator is opening a media zone that will support people working on media so we decided to partner with them in order to have more students participating.  Podcast was launched in Febaury where we do two recording sessions in Dubai silicon oasis, we invite different students as guests to share their campus experience. In march our Neymarjrsfive global signature returned as the largest amateur football tournament in the world which was a bigger opportunity for studentsera to grow as a platform. During the two month of NeymarJrsfive I met almost every youth player in the country as the event is for youth 16-25 and we had 15 qualifiers across the country from Ras Al Khaimah to Dharfah.

In May 2017 I attended the Arabnet digital submit where I met lots of Interested Entrepreneurs coming from all over the world. One of my best things at Arabnet was the startups competing in their competition but usually disappointed at the end as usually the startups that  looks promising and interesting doesn’t usually win the competitions.

In Ramadan I worked with a Friend to help his company an event Company based in Sharjah (82events) to manage the Sharjah TV Ramadan tournament. I also met local and International players that participated in the event and I interacted and worked with different people that came for the event activation, like Vicky Gomez one of best bikers in the world.

In the summer I had my first official travel, I traveled with UAE winners to represent UAE in the neymar world finals. I met and socialize with the winners from more than fifty countries and we met Neymarjrs and his friends including Manchester City’s Striker Gabriel Jesus.  we are a quick tour guides in some famous places in Brazil Including a visit to Pele Museum.

2017 didn’t end very well for as a travel to back home I lost my cousin whom we grow up together. Fourth December is the day I will never forget. I think about him everyday. In shaa Allah we will be reunited in Jannah.








Every child has the right to education


The financial and social costs of poor literacy have been well documented (Greene, 2000). The consequences of poor reading and writing skills not only threaten the well-being of individual Americans, but the country as a whole. Globalization and technological advances have changed the nature of the workplace. Reading and writing are now essential skills in most white- and blue-collar jobs. Ensuring that adolescents become skilled readers and writers is not merely an option for America, it is an absolute necessity.


Learning to read and write is a fundamental right. Yet, 38 % of African adults (some 153 millions) are illiterate, two-thirds of these are women.

Africa is the only continent where more than half of parents are not able to help their children with homework due to illiteracy.

Adult literacy rates are below 50% in Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone and The Gambia.

Only 1 % of national education budget of most African governments is earmarked to address the issue of literacy.

The situation is alarming as literacy is a crucial step to acquire the basic skills needed to cope with the many challenges children, youth and adults will face throughout their lives.

For many disadvantaged young people and adults, non-formal education is one of the main routes to learning. Non-formal education reaches people in their own context and ideally in their own local language.

Our Approach and Benefits 

One often-overlooked tool for improving students’ reading, as well as their learning from text, is writing. Writing has the theoretical potential for enhancing reading in three ways. First, reading and writing are both functional activities that can be combined to accomplish specific goals, such as learning new ideas presented in a text (Fitzgerald and Shanahan, 2000). For instance, writing about information in a science text should facilitate comprehension and learning, as it provides the reader with a means for recording, connecting, analyzing, personalizing, and manipulating key ideas from the text. Second, reading and writing are connected, as they draw upon common knowledge and cognitive processes (Shanahan, 2006). Consequently, improving students’ writing skills should result in improved reading skills. Third, reading and writing are both communication activities, and writers should gain insight about reading by creating their own texts (Tierney and Shanahan, 1991), leading to better comprehension of texts produced by others.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” Maya Angeolu


The continent of Africa is particular for its natural riches and beauty but it is unfortunate, that it is viewed as the last of its kind because of its deficiency in the economy as well as the social sector. Many of its citizens live under horrible conditions with the most retarded educational systems and in the rottenness of its political jurisdiction.
A vivid evaluation of the riches of this magnificent continent will lead you to a wide discovery of mineral wealth, rich Tropical forest, and breathtaking sites for tourism and age long cultures that go a long way to preserve the dignity and integrity of its people.
A few individuals in the guise of political leaders have grabbed power and used it as their private goldmines. Leaders have remained in power for almost their entire lives, for the sake of the states funds that empties into their bank accounts. The educational system has been compromised and relegated at the level of general education, with little vocational and professionalism enforced. What kind of future therefore is in store for the African scholar?
It is disheartening sometimes to see eligible graduates roam about the streets without any job portfolio to boast. What does this speak of the African youth It sends a wrong message, which hampers his/her ability to excel out of Africa, thanks to the egocentric tendencies of political figures who have resorted bribery as a major requirement for employment. Intelligent folks have lost the opportunities to dish out their pie of knowledge to the public in exchange for few people who have assumed duties in areas where they are unqualified and incompetent. A chain of events that only aggravates the existing canker warm-Poverty, that plaques this exotic continent.
It is a disgrace, to sit down and watch, yet envies other nations like the USA and European states, which have implemented democracy to the latter and are now reaping its reward. Modern politics needs timeless values to save itself yet Africa have been beaten so badly physiologically that we don’t see ourselves as playing any role in leading this badly needed spiritual revolution.
The aim of the African story at www.rahzapost.com is not to criticize African continent or politicians but rather we try to change the narrative of how people should behave as there is African proverb which says “Charity begins at home “ so instead of us to complain about the government is not doing good we are here to tell everyone that we can start to change ourselves by not condemning anything but we try to better ourselves because we can only see the change we want when we become the change by ourselves.
So as from today tell yourself that “I will only be affected by the positive things people do and say.”

The African Campus and Learning

At a tender age, the notion behind education was to trigger a change in mentality and to build a better society. This practice stems as far back as the colonial times, when Africa took to the western system and as it evolved to a profitable engagement, it is most likely to assess that there have been more pupils, students and teachers in the African continent than had been envisaged.
Most likely, the African mindset has been revolving around succeeding by means of going to school and by ‘going to school’; it is strictly on a day-to-day class attendance and interactions with teachers and to an extent, friends. Formerly, it was thought that there is nothing profitable that would arise from a friendly relationship in a studying environment. While this issue became the more prominent among pupils and students, as we find, from a logical viewpoint that there is always a first in a class in terms of academic performance and a last, under same educational environment and studying standards.
Psychologically proven, it is factually that every human procedure is complex and can vary from one person to another. With this in mind, it is clear to ascertain that the African school has been more a helping ground for the African people, thus, it entails educational, social and moral interaction between scholars and tutors for the benefit of learning and self-reliance. Learning has become a borrowed tradition and has picked up an age long doctrine of ‘Teach the Child to Better His Life’. It would have been ‘teach the child to build to build a stronger community’. It is for the society, the unity of the African people.
It has been with this respect that we have brought every institution and every student, not only in Africa but also in the world at large, uniting Institutions and Campuses for a better community. Educationary.net is a unique and most interactive site, which is not different from our several many and physical campuses. Having in mind; community building, as a goal for enhancement and ease, such that education may not seem a challenge to the slow student or a means to display for excellence due to sharpness of the mind. It is a site where all institutions and students will express an absolute liberty in their point of views, which will be debated upon, given facts and logics and will promote the great essence of self-actualization at best.
At edcucationary.net, Institutions and students have a better and easier way to feel on campus than meeting on a confined location and perhaps limiting one’s thoughts to the four walls of a classroom. Education doesn’t end there, it has to be a continuous process whereby everyone will have something to learn from everyone. We build our mental campuses and we fortify our ability to connect for a better tomorrow.

How would you describe the magic of the African continent?

Africa is one of the fastest growing continents in the world, in terms of population. All what we hear about Africa is Ebola, unstable governments and charity organizations going to Africa for help. Africa is bigger than Ebola, bad governments and several such charity organizations. Such organizations should be renamed into social business organizations because they get more out of Africa than what they claim to give to Africa and for Africa. Just as the African-American Musician, Akon, said on Aljazeera,“Africa doesn’t need saving, in fact Africa is the one doing the saving because every natural resources we see in the world comes from Africa.” What we aim to do here, on African stories,is what late BBC journalist, Komla Dimor, said. “It is not so much about what the International Media does; it is what you write about yourself.” We tend to write African stories that are real, intended to promote the good things that happen in the African continent. This section will focus mostly on the achievements of Africans, and the interesting things that one can find when they visit Africa. As Brian Jackman said, “Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Once you have been there, you will never be the same.But how do you begin to describe its magic to someone who has never felt it? How can you explain the fascination of this vast, dusty continent, whose oldest roads are elephant paths?”

We invite all African writers and journalist to send us good African stories.