Hannah had wished to own a talking doll when it was the time for holidays. She felt left out as she watched the other kids play happily with their dolls.

There was an annual routine wherein every parent in his or her neighborhood exchanged gifts for their kids and took them out to the park for a social picnic.

Hannah received a sealed bottle and when she looked inside, there was a doll inside. She felt excited so much so that she wanted to break the bottle and take her doll out.

“Stop don’t get me out of this bottle or I will varnish,” the doll said and interrupted Hannah’s intention to break the bottle.

“Awesome, you can talk,” Hannah exclaimed and started again to raise her hand.

“I warned you,” the doll cried out

“What is your name?” Hannah asked.

“I am Jimmy, your humble friend now.”

“I am Hannah but how can you be my friend when you can’t come out and play with me?” she asked “And how come you have a boy’s name?”

“Because I am a boy and also, your gift is a special one. Those other dolls won’t talk like I do and getting me out will only render you miserable.” Jimmy said.

“So I will only watch you in this bottle. It doesn’t make any sense. I want a female doll.” Hannah cried out.

“It is as you wish my dear friend,” Jimmy said and at an instant, a female doll appeared in Hannah’s hands.

She was so scared but Jimmy assured her that it was going to be as she wanted. She and Jimmy formed a pact to be the best of friends and while Hannah grew up, Jimmy remained a child and when Hannah had grown to maturity, she decided to dash Jimmy out to a neighbor.

Jimmy stayed with his new owner for a day and when Hannah had missed her Jimmy in the bottle, she appeared very rude to the small girl she had dashed Jimmy to. The girl had broken the bottle and Jimmy her best friend was gone.


I was ten years old and I had no idea why everyone wanted to get a crystal crunch fruit with a cereal box. It made news in every corner of my class and I felt left out. Most of the boxes came with prizes; Ada had a piano which she always showed off with, Maggie had a new dull and she could brag about the whole campus of. I was dumb and lost. What was this all about? I had to have a meeting with my mom for a crystal fruit crunch so that I could also show off for what prize I was going to get.

That afternoon after school, I was fortunate to have met my mom at home. She had returned early to go to the shop, which was a thirty minutes walk from our home, and I opted to follow her to the mall. While there I talked her into buying me one cereal box of the crystal fruit. I was so excited with the package and couldn’t wait to open it but she had warned me that it was only after supper that I was allowed to see what present I would get.

I hid in my room after supper and quietly ever, I tore in. It was a small teddy, the size if my finger. I couldn’t understand what it was all about and I was very angry with myself to have made the wrong choice. My mom and dad were eager to see what present I had got from my cereal box but I timidly told them that I was not lucky to have one. That night was the worst night of my existence at the start but when I fell asleep, I felt a tender and motherly caress on my cheek…

“My name is Laurent…” It said with it’s beady eyes that glowed straight at my weird gaze. I was startled now and when it spoke again, I became curios.

“Can you talk for real?” I asked and surprisingly, Laurent nodded. He took me out to the balcony and made several magic trick with quite an impression. I had to keep his existence secret but then, I so wanted to show off on my wonderful prize too.


Once upon a time in the city of Norma, there lived a girl from a noble home who had wished for her father to take her out. She wanted to visit the places she often saw in her bed time story books and she so loved to see the zoo. Her father, rich and authoritative stood against her wishes for the fear that he would lose her to the love of these desires if he began to give her the things she wanted. “Daddy, you refused everything I have asked for but this last one, you cannot deny, I’m all alone in this house with everything but I lack a friend, can I get a pet?” She asked her father and this wish was granted. Later that evening, her father came home with a kitten with white and dark spots on its fur. It looked just as cute as little Miranda. “My darling Mimi, here’s Kitty your new companion and friend. I hope you are satisfied now,” her father said and Mimi nodded simply as she took the cat warmly in her arms. When the night came and it was time for Miranda to go to bed, she took Kitty to her bedroom and wished that she could even talk. Little did she know that this kitten was different from all that she used to read in her story books. “My dear Mimi, as your pet and servant, I am obliged to grant every wish you make but on the condition that you tell no one about our little secret,” Kitty spoke to her surprise and in doubts, Miranda started wishing for all that her protective father had denied her and with Kitty, they made quite an adventure at the zoo and parks for one night. One day during breakfast, Miranda was unusually happy that she ordered for Kitty to join them as one family on the table. Her father retaliated to such an idea and in a dispute that broke, Miranda broke the news to them that Kitty was different, “She showed me the zoo and the park daddy,” She yelled at the top of her voice thinking she was doing a favor for Kitty but before it was morning again, Kitty was nowhere to be found, her dad had taken her right back to where he’d purchased her

Sky is the Limit

Ali had always hated to feel optimistic with the circumstances that surrounded him. He was the quick to get in trouble kind of guy and with that, it was most obvious for him to make many enemies. At 13, he still couldn’t meddle with his friends during the play-outs and every time he wanted propose to join for a game of soccer, he was heckled and rejected. “This is some sort of bad luck,” he said to himself crossing the yard to the side where every audience stood and cheered.

When the night came, he always felt warm and gooey by the brightness of the stars and the colorful display of lights that crossed the sky in teasing flashes. “Why do they do that all the times dad?” he asked as he’d noticed one star fall from its position.

“The legend of the stars…When you get to see a shooting star, you may wish for something and hold on to that dream for as long as you trust it will come to pass…” His dad responded. Nothing about what his father said made any sense to him because he had seen them over a thousand times and none of that made any sense to him.

“How will the stars grant our wishes when I hear they are billions of miles away from us?” He asked.

“This is the work of faith son, think of your worst problem and whenever you see one, make a silent wish concerning that issue…And be careful what you wish for, it may hunt you some time in the future,” his father responded under a gruff tone but Ali took all of that for a clown. His dad was fun of making him dream the unrealistic dream but later that night, when his father had left for bed; he saw one fly across the sky.

“I wish to gain respect from my friends and everyone in my class.” He said under a shaking voice.

The next day, the school had organized a match and Ali had so struggled to be among the first twelve to get in the squad but rather unfortunately, he was put in the field at the time their opponents had scored two goals in their nets.

At five minutes to the end of the match, Ali tackled and made a useful pass to his captain who scored the first goal and in the last minute, Ali scored the second goal that made them even. During the penalty shoot outs, he had been placed the last to kick and with all the tension, he kicked at an angle even the cameras couldn’t pick. He brought the victory of the day and before he knew it, he was lifted up high by the mob. To his surprise, under that hazy sunshine, he saw a faint blink in the sky and the words of his father echoed in his ears. He had made his very first wish and it worked.

Shooting Stars

Everyone believes in shooting stars and so was the case with Alice, whose father was never there when she needed him and all she could wish for was for her dad to be present during her 8th birthday. Daddy was always at work and will only return home late. Alice never saw her dad before she could go to sleep and this made her sad. She knew daddy loved her but all she ever wanted was to spend time with him. Daddy was home only on Sundays, which was not enough because she had a lot of things to tell him but he was always tired and so this really made her sad. When she goes to the park with her mum, she will see other children with their mummy and daddy and her, she was always with her mum and she envied the other kids.

“Mum why is dad always away?” She asked her mum in a low tone. Her mummy saw that she was sad so she said “look here baby, daddy is at work and you know he needs to work so that you will be able to go to school. So don’t be sad because your daddy loves you very much ok.” Her mother spoke with so much confidence and she saw that she was not being understanding, since daddy was working but for her to have a good life with mummy.

“Am sorry mum I won’t be sad anymore I know daddy loves me and I love him too,” she said and went playing with her friends. Early the next day, she woke up to make her wish. It was her birthday so when she came out, she saw her dad. ‘My wish came true’ she whispered to herself. “Love you dad.”

Naughty Monsters

Sasha’s mum was puzzled. She had just been grocery shopping and there were definitely four iced buns in the packet when she had left the store. So how come there were only two now? Had she dropped them in the car? With a sigh, she picked up her car keys and went into the garage to check.

Under the kitchen table came a little giggle. A few scattered cake crumbs showed that there was someone – or something – sitting there, but not showing itself. And that something was now licking sticky icing from its paws. A cheeky little invisible monster called Popp with big bright eyes and blue fur, who had been living in their house for weeks. Sasha had been trying to keep him hidden but he was just too naughty! One day Mum was going to catch him.

Popp wasn’t the only monster in the house. There were two in the laundry room that no one knew about. They liked to jump on the piles of ironing and play with the soap powder. Compared to them, Popp was an angel. Popp thought the grown-ups were silly for not realising they had a house full of monsters. He stole the last two buns out of the packet and took a big, hungry bite. Mum would just have to buy some more.