2017 Year of learning

In 2017 I met more people that I could image. 2017 was the first year I had my first international trip, 2017 was the I was first recorded live on tv and radio. I drove more kilometers in 2017 than my previous stay in uae in total from 2011-2016.

Just like every year I started 2017 at home in Nigeria celebrating my second/high school’s friend wedding on the new year’s day. I came back to work in Dubai mid of the month with the aim to expand my business and study more as 2016 ended in a good for me. I spent the last month on holiday, celebrating my younger sister as she got married. The first fifteen days of 2017 were well spent visiting family and friends knowing that 2017 will be a long year as the plan was to do more than the previous year. The first project I had in 2017 was to organize RAK education exhibition in partnership with RAK Education Zone.  Organizing such event is not an easy task as it require one to find the perfect location, find the right marketing channels and also find the right partners to make the event successful.  I was planning to grow the studentsera platform, a student engagement that aims to connect students across the country online and offline through different activities.

In February we decided to launch the studentsera podcast which was the first podcast in the country that focus on giving students a platform to express themselves. At first we started as learning platform to understand students’  challenges during their college lives. We started at Dubai Technology entrepreneur center where my office is located with the aim to collaborate with different Universities in order to set up small campus radio where the university students from that particular university will be employed to do some form of internship in the project. Later on I find out that Infive Center the Dubai Internet city incubator is opening a media zone that will support people working on media so we decided to partner with them in order to have more students participating.  Podcast was launched in Febaury where we do two recording sessions in Dubai silicon oasis, we invite different students as guests to share their campus experience. In march our Neymarjrsfive global signature returned as the largest amateur football tournament in the world which was a bigger opportunity for studentsera to grow as a platform. During the two month of NeymarJrsfive I met almost every youth player in the country as the event is for youth 16-25 and we had 15 qualifiers across the country from Ras Al Khaimah to Dharfah.

In May 2017 I attended the Arabnet digital submit where I met lots of Interested Entrepreneurs coming from all over the world. One of my best things at Arabnet was the startups competing in their competition but usually disappointed at the end as usually the startups that  looks promising and interesting doesn’t usually win the competitions.

In Ramadan I worked with a Friend to help his company an event Company based in Sharjah (82events) to manage the Sharjah TV Ramadan tournament. I also met local and International players that participated in the event and I interacted and worked with different people that came for the event activation, like Vicky Gomez one of best bikers in the world.

In the summer I had my first official travel, I traveled with UAE winners to represent UAE in the neymar world finals. I met and socialize with the winners from more than fifty countries and we met Neymarjrs and his friends including Manchester City’s Striker Gabriel Jesus.  we are a quick tour guides in some famous places in Brazil Including a visit to Pele Museum.

2017 didn’t end very well for as a travel to back home I lost my cousin whom we grow up together. Fourth December is the day I will never forget. I think about him everyday. In shaa Allah we will be reunited in Jannah.









Their congregation was eager to eat the flesh of the hero. They waited for the moon to disappear the thick grey clouds that crept across gradually and meanwhile, Miguel managed to cut himself lose. He hoped to his feet and flung himself at the grand master for a duel without arms. He was thrown to the ground with one deadly swing and as powerless as he appeared, he only thought of escaping.

His fight to escape was a great success but it reached everyone as bad news for the hero they had escaped not to return. The town was darkened by the power of the unseen and every night, there were cries from every home that buzzed the cold streets. It was time someone came up with an armor as strong as theirs to defile the unseen and when the time came, the town’s men were ready to die for a future unknown.


On a cold Sunday afternoon when Mary and James took Kate and Prince to the park as it was routine for the family to go on picnics on weekends, little Kate was astonished to discover something she never would have been able to explain to anyone. “Daddy, look, there’s an owl in the woods. It’s looking straight at us.” She said subtly to her dad but as James paid the lesser attention to her and focused on the painting Prince was doing, Kate felt frustrated and discouraged to report the matter to her mom.

After an hour spent at the park, the family moved home for dinner with some friends and no one bothered to inquire what troubled little Kate. She was disheartened that no one listened to her so she moved up to her bedroom and sought for her dull. She started brushing the hair of her dull… “Are you alone?” Someone asked from the window that was a few inches away from her bed. Kate hopped in fright at the sound of the strange voice with broad eyes she sought to look around.

“Who goes there…?” She bleated and took her dull as her sword and pointed towards the direction she suspected the voice to have come from.

“Don’t be shy child…I am Gordon and I need your help,” said the owl that had perched on her widow pale.

“I knew it…You talked to me at the park this afternoon…What do you want with me?” She asked.

“My people perish from deforestation and I will like you to talk to your dad, he can help us and rebuild our remaining communities…We are a vital community to men and to nature but man is rapidly seizing what is ours,” Gordon said with a weird stare at the little girl.

“So what exactly am I going to tell Daddy?” Kat asked.

“We will be attacking their team by full moon and he has the authority to stop this war. We’re armed and nothing can stand on our way. I care about you and I know how you feel but if he doesn’t listen to you, let him be,” Gordon warned and minutes later, he flew off and varnished in the dark.

Speedily, Kate rushed to the dinner table and reported all that Gordon had told her but no one believed her. They laughed and mocked at her as though she had this fantasy thing going on. “I think I’ll have to start buying her more books than toys,” said James. That night, Kate was awaken by a fluke of the owls that had gathered almost all over the town. They flew in the house in a single file and went straight to her father’s bedroom. Kate was quick to follow closely behind and when Gordon and his army took hold of James, Kate bagged in and begged on her father’s behalf for his release.

At that note, James recommended his team to back off from the deforestation project they had embarked on and to his surprise, his crew members had a similar or worse experience with the owls of Gordon.



Once upon a time, there lived an old witch on the North side of Carolina on the hilltop with two of her granddaughters. She had taught them how to practice the black magic with prudence and they were not allowed to fall in love or marry. Old Olga was strict to her last days and after her sudden death, Laura and Alice were no longer bound by the promises they made to her.

It was a free world and they had not set foot into the town for over twenty years. The only thing that brought Olga’s memory to them was the necklace she had designed for their protection. What was she protecting them from? They never had this answer for as long as they kept asking and now, they had to live with that fear of the unseen. They probably were too cautious to admit that Olga was right about the odds in the world outside their huge castle.

Alice met Dave, a nice guy who just finished medicine school and was looking forward to developing his career in medicine. “Strange things are going to happen to you the day you cross these walls…” Olga had warned on her dying bed but Alice and her sister rapidly became adventurers soon as they felt that inner freedom. Laura found Tim and for two weeks, the girls lived like princesses in their men’s home until everything came pouring on them like hailstone directly from hell.

During the night season, the girls transformed to old women and they could fly and float about in the air while their lovers drowned in absolute sleep but this one day, Tim was up. He sought to protect Laura only to realize that she was indeed the old woman in his bedroom. The small room became tighter for the both of them as he struggled to free himself from her wrath.

He managed and escaped from her but while on the street, he met with Dave in the same circumstance. No one could listen to them and in the morning, when the cops came, it was concluded that they were only hallucinating as the girls confessed that they had run out trying to wake them up. The boys admitted that they slept a great deal and with that, they were considered as lunatics. Their love fell apart and with the frustrating disaster, they returned to their old castle only to find a hip of those necklaces piled at the front door. It was the force on the spell their mother had cast on them that lived with them and sooner than they could realize, they had it from the news that Tim became a rapist and Dave was convicted for armed robbery and murder


It was a cold night at the Kondiata kingdom out skirts; the ladies paraded the earthed roads raising the dust amidst the frosty weather. Their silk laces covered their nudity in transparent glisters as the paid reverence to the huge carved stone on the hill top they served. It was their tradition to do a human sacrifice at the start of every year and while that same year they were to nominate their new king, the chief of elders decided to make a double feast for the occasion. Roger Songa was made king of the land that night and he had grown up to view superstition as a conning myth used by lazy people to swindle money and wealth from the hard working ones. He placed a veto order to whoever was caught practicing magic or any form of black arts in the land. He forbade several seasonal customs which had been a symbol of the people of Kondiata and they were yet to celebrate their most important. The Kabachi feast, the most important of feast in the land and when king Roger abolished the celebration of this feast, the wizards conceived to cast a spell on the land from the hill top from whence their most powerful god, Torka, resided. Their cries are directed to their god and there was a loud storm that night. It swept away the houses and property of the citizens of Kondiata but that was just the beginning. Roger readied his finest warriors and they marched to the hills to fight these gods but then, as they walked past every village, they observe the devastation that plagued the lands. Souls of humans, littered like filth on their walk and by the time they got there, they were only a handful to confront the despicable Torka. Roger was determined to die in his honor. The god was so furious after slaying all his men and with Roger, Torka decided to give him the immortality of a god. It was the last of her plagues and it was the worst punishment for any human to live to all times at the same age.

The Ghost of St.Mary’s

The headland at Scarborough is dominated by the ruins of the 12th Century castle which is impenetrable from the sea, as the rock face is sand and virtually sheer.
This is a story not of the fight for the fort but for a lost soul.
Just below the castle is the church of St. Mary’s and in a far corner hidden from sight lies a broken gravestone, this is the sad story of a schoolgirl, her grave lies weed-ridden and long forgotten.