2017 Year of learning

In 2017 I met more people that I could image. 2017 was the first year I had my first international trip, 2017 was the I was first recorded live on tv and radio. I drove more kilometers in 2017 than my previous stay in uae in total from 2011-2016.

Just like every year I started 2017 at home in Nigeria celebrating my second/high school’s friend wedding on the new year’s day. I came back to work in Dubai mid of the month with the aim to expand my business and study more as 2016 ended in a good for me. I spent the last month on holiday, celebrating my younger sister as she got married. The first fifteen days of 2017 were well spent visiting family and friends knowing that 2017 will be a long year as the plan was to do more than the previous year. The first project I had in 2017 was to organize RAK education exhibition in partnership with RAK Education Zone.  Organizing such event is not an easy task as it require one to find the perfect location, find the right marketing channels and also find the right partners to make the event successful.  I was planning to grow the studentsera platform, a student engagement that aims to connect students across the country online and offline through different activities.

In February we decided to launch the studentsera podcast which was the first podcast in the country that focus on giving students a platform to express themselves. At first we started as learning platform to understand students’  challenges during their college lives. We started at Dubai Technology entrepreneur center where my office is located with the aim to collaborate with different Universities in order to set up small campus radio where the university students from that particular university will be employed to do some form of internship in the project. Later on I find out that Infive Center the Dubai Internet city incubator is opening a media zone that will support people working on media so we decided to partner with them in order to have more students participating.  Podcast was launched in Febaury where we do two recording sessions in Dubai silicon oasis, we invite different students as guests to share their campus experience. In march our Neymarjrsfive global signature returned as the largest amateur football tournament in the world which was a bigger opportunity for studentsera to grow as a platform. During the two month of NeymarJrsfive I met almost every youth player in the country as the event is for youth 16-25 and we had 15 qualifiers across the country from Ras Al Khaimah to Dharfah.

In May 2017 I attended the Arabnet digital submit where I met lots of Interested Entrepreneurs coming from all over the world. One of my best things at Arabnet was the startups competing in their competition but usually disappointed at the end as usually the startups that  looks promising and interesting doesn’t usually win the competitions.

In Ramadan I worked with a Friend to help his company an event Company based in Sharjah (82events) to manage the Sharjah TV Ramadan tournament. I also met local and International players that participated in the event and I interacted and worked with different people that came for the event activation, like Vicky Gomez one of best bikers in the world.

In the summer I had my first official travel, I traveled with UAE winners to represent UAE in the neymar world finals. I met and socialize with the winners from more than fifty countries and we met Neymarjrs and his friends including Manchester City’s Striker Gabriel Jesus.  we are a quick tour guides in some famous places in Brazil Including a visit to Pele Museum.

2017 didn’t end very well for as a travel to back home I lost my cousin whom we grow up together. Fourth December is the day I will never forget. I think about him everyday. In shaa Allah we will be reunited in Jannah.








Is this the end of Philosophy ?

LVGThe season just end and it is time for teams to start planning ahead of next season. Manchester United came from behind to beat Crystal Palace 2-1 to win the the FA cup title but rumors is everywhere that Jose Mourinho will replace Louis Van Gaal as Manchester United Manager next season.  Louis Van Gaal was under pressure from the fans and media from November last year due to poor form. To me I don’t think Mourinho is the right man to take charge at Manchester United at the moment because mostly premier league teams are not scared mourinho anymore, they don’t think he is the special one anymore due this season poor form at Chelsea but some United Fans will argue because Fergie spoiled them with tittles and atleast a place in the Champions League every year. The good side of the Philosophy to me is seeing good talents coming into Manchester United like Rashford, Lingard, Martial, etc with Mourinho these players will handle get chance to be playing regularly  because Mourinho tactics of football is to get the best players people to win marches even if it defending the whole march which is not Manchester United. Old Trafford Famous name is Theatre of dreams which is a place to grow youth not a place to sign older players for the tittle.

To me I need to see either Van gaal next season or a younger manager that will continue to grow the youth team.

is Futsal the future of Football ?

IMG_0211 copyFutsal simply means a modified form of Football (soccer)  played with five players per side on a smaller, typically indoor, pitch or outdoor known as street. This type of football is getting popular day by day as youth are playing it often for fun. Last week we witnessed the end of qualification of Neymar Jr Five global signature football tournament in UAE. More than 250 teams registered to participate in 8 cities of united Arab emirates. The tournament is unique football concept organized by Red Bull in collaboration with 82events and Educationary (Rahza FZE) and sponsored by Dubai Stars, Zaabeel Advertising, Sun and Sand sport and Shop Ship. The uniqueness of the tournament is that unlike normal Futsal or Football there is no keeper in each team and the rules are simple they called it “outplay them all “ which means one player scores the player with the lowest number in the opponent’s team will go out, the game will either finish within 10 minutes or once the other team is being outplayed. In the qualifiers every team will play in the group stages best teams qualified for  knockout stages, quarter finals, semi finals and finals. At the end of each qualifiers two winners were awarded trophies and invitation to play the grand final at Dubai global village on 7th of April to choose the best team that will represent UAE in Brazil this summer. The winner from UAE will meet 34 other winners from different countries in order to compete in the presence of Neymar Jr. Futsal is not as popular as football because they don’t have the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo etc but these days is getting more popular among youths as anyone can organize his team of 4 players be it friends, family or coworkers to just play football without the need of any coach or different march officials. Neymar five concept is one of those fun play and it is a street football which is more as it is outdoor. We will be seeing different type of concepts in the coming years.


Join us on 7th of April for the final in Dubai Global to see the lucky team that will go to Brazil to represent United Arab Emirates and compete with 35 other winners around the world.

The top teams you will be seeing are :


Dubai 2 BAZ TEAM
Abu Dhabi 2 NIKE FC
Al Ain  1 CR 7
Al Ain 2 SANTOS A1
RAK 2 23B
Sharjah 1 FIVE GUYS
Sharjah 2 AL-NAHDA
Fujairah 1 AL FASIL
Fujairah 2 Z5