How can authors contact cover page designers

Publishers are aware of the importance of the cover page in selling a book. On many occasions we as readers have been influenced by the attractive cover that a book portrays. For that reason publishers invest a lot of money in ensuring the attractiveness of the book cover. It is true to say that often the contents of the book do not live up to the expections raised by the cover.

When producing a cover the designer has to have an understanding of the book’s contents to ensure that it reflects the storyline. The Rahzapost system makes that storyline available to the reader and provides a link between the writer and the cover designer who if he/she sees the potential in the storyline will be encouraged to forge a link with the writer and possibly suggest a working relationship to produce cover to complement the story.

Authors may chose to produce their work on a small scale for the benefit of friends and family. Those who decide to self –publish may find it easier through the site to make the link with a graphic designer who having read their book can offer suggestions of a suitable book cover.