Usefulness in this regard will generally refer to comportment and attitude in any given society. In as much as laws vary from one place to another, man has always adapted to behavioral changes that have greatly enhanced development or have caused a regression to a given society. While there are these norms to follow, I have that strong conviction that until every man is free, we are all slaves to something.

IN her last days, my mother told my kid sister and I how bad associations will spoil our useful habits. Then I was ignorant of every word that she spoke and I only cared about what she was going through. But today, I have come to realize that she said it all in just one phrase. Friendship and associations can greatly influence the adaptable man to becoming what he will naturally deny.

I have been in every sort of company and in each, there were norms that were rigid and demanding. You have to prove to be up to standards to join in. We led a ruthless life and along the way, too many passed away in that regard then my mother’s words echoed again in my ears. She was standing amidst the white clouds and telling me about my useful habits. They were transformed from the bad friends and their criminal laws.

We got involved in a robbery where in there were gun shots and deaths of innocent citizens in our struggle to escape. All that now made sense when the preacher asked me to say my last words. With trembling lips and a higher than normal heart rate, I muttered what my mother said at the other end that seemed forever far off and yet so close. I had gotten myself into trouble and to this day, I will never forget the use of keeping my useful habits at all cost.

A letter came for my freedom and the ropes were snaked down on my shoulders. It was my last chance to get things right and I don’e think everyone gets that chance.

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