Al Byano’s aircraft crashed on mars during his travel to the earth. He was sent by his king Al Burano to find out on any galaxy with life. He had toured the whole universe at large with no result and when he crashed on mars, he felt a strange pull from another planet. He looked up and beheld the blue crystal ball that suspended from his telescopic eyes.

“What is this?” he asked himself. The pull was stronger than he could ever resist and before he got into his space craft that auto repaired, a violent wind swept both him and his ship in the direction of the blue ball that glowed. Floating through space, he asked himself several questions and could only conclude that his end had come.

When he landed in the middle of the Sahara, it took him three hours to cross over to Italy – Milan. His reptile blue skin could mimic the human species and he still could communicate with his commander Al Burano. He was like every other man and he resided with a kind family who felt pity the night they found him on their porch.

Al Byano could hear the minds of humans though he looked more like a human being. He knew Mr. Richard hated his wife for making accept to let him stay with them at his residence. One day, he sat Richard on his porch and told him his story. At first, Richard did not believe him. When he changed into Richard, Richard stared stunned at the miracle that just occurred.

Al Byano had thought telling Richard in confidence would get them closer but Richard discretely went to the police and convinced them of the story. Before Al Byano could realize, there were news reporters and soldiers surrounded. They spoke to him through a loud speaker and he had no option than to give up.

It took him a lot of years to get to earth and he explained to the authorities how his people died of lack of oxygen. He explained his mission and when he realized they wanted to use him for their research experiments, A Byano grew red with anger. He ordered his ship and there were an even thunderous gun firing the world had never known.

He managed to escape and make it to the moon but there, he was lost and couldn’t return to his home nor to his new home so violent.

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