Hannah had wished to own a talking doll when it was the time for holidays. She felt left out as she watched the other kids play happily with their dolls.

There was an annual routine wherein every parent in his or her neighborhood exchanged gifts for their kids and took them out to the park for a social picnic.

Hannah received a sealed bottle and when she looked inside, there was a doll inside. She felt excited so much so that she wanted to break the bottle and take her doll out.

“Stop don’t get me out of this bottle or I will varnish,” the doll said and interrupted Hannah’s intention to break the bottle.

“Awesome, you can talk,” Hannah exclaimed and started again to raise her hand.

“I warned you,” the doll cried out

“What is your name?” Hannah asked.

“I am Jimmy, your humble friend now.”

“I am Hannah but how can you be my friend when you can’t come out and play with me?” she asked “And how come you have a boy’s name?”

“Because I am a boy and also, your gift is a special one. Those other dolls won’t talk like I do and getting me out will only render you miserable.” Jimmy said.

“So I will only watch you in this bottle. It doesn’t make any sense. I want a female doll.” Hannah cried out.

“It is as you wish my dear friend,” Jimmy said and at an instant, a female doll appeared in Hannah’s hands.

She was so scared but Jimmy assured her that it was going to be as she wanted. She and Jimmy formed a pact to be the best of friends and while Hannah grew up, Jimmy remained a child and when Hannah had grown to maturity, she decided to dash Jimmy out to a neighbor.

Jimmy stayed with his new owner for a day and when Hannah had missed her Jimmy in the bottle, she appeared very rude to the small girl she had dashed Jimmy to. The girl had broken the bottle and Jimmy her best friend was gone.

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