Once upon a time in the city of Norma, there lived a girl from a noble home who had wished for her father to take her out. She wanted to visit the places she often saw in her bed time story books and she so loved to see the zoo. Her father, rich and authoritative stood against her wishes for the fear that he would lose her to the love of these desires if he began to give her the things she wanted. “Daddy, you refused everything I have asked for but this last one, you cannot deny, I’m all alone in this house with everything but I lack a friend, can I get a pet?” She asked her father and this wish was granted. Later that evening, her father came home with a kitten with white and dark spots on its fur. It looked just as cute as little Miranda. “My darling Mimi, here’s Kitty your new companion and friend. I hope you are satisfied now,” her father said and Mimi nodded simply as she took the cat warmly in her arms. When the night came and it was time for Miranda to go to bed, she took Kitty to her bedroom and wished that she could even talk. Little did she know that this kitten was different from all that she used to read in her story books. “My dear Mimi, as your pet and servant, I am obliged to grant every wish you make but on the condition that you tell no one about our little secret,” Kitty spoke to her surprise and in doubts, Miranda started wishing for all that her protective father had denied her and with Kitty, they made quite an adventure at the zoo and parks for one night. One day during breakfast, Miranda was unusually happy that she ordered for Kitty to join them as one family on the table. Her father retaliated to such an idea and in a dispute that broke, Miranda broke the news to them that Kitty was different, “She showed me the zoo and the park daddy,” She yelled at the top of her voice thinking she was doing a favor for Kitty but before it was morning again, Kitty was nowhere to be found, her dad had taken her right back to where he’d purchased her

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