I treasure the moment I walked up to you with a smile

Lit on my face as I shook off the dust off from my return

My mission that kept you only in thoughts so vague

Yet I saw my end from my last mile

But I walked through the odds, still with one smile

A thousand times I fell by the road side

A thousand times I rose again to my feet

Whether this love be true or cursed

I knew I would come to it at last.


The songs of battle we song for months

Was all there was to burn my nights of mourn

My tears that leaked from eyes so soft

For you my love, a poem I thought

And words were all to keep my strength


Night after night I fought these thoughts

My hope, buried in such grief of you

That I may never again behold your lovely face

A stamp and seal carved inside those thoughts

My longing was to return to you my love


My wishes were spiced with nights of fright

If I die in this place so not like home

Will my love for you still carry those hopes?

My fears, silent and heavy still made my nights

And you were what I bore with might

So deep I felt your pain inside


The burns of solitude decomposed me to ashes

But I could see the lashes of your feathery eyes

Fan your cheeks in wait for my return not hoped for

Oh my love, that I held on to these things I missed

I bore no doubts nonetheless to behold your face in such return


My words of hope and truth I said

Sting in my head like it was only yesterday

At long last my hopeless return

To my love, my love, my home at last

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