I was ten years old and I had no idea why everyone wanted to get a crystal crunch fruit with a cereal box. It made news in every corner of my class and I felt left out. Most of the boxes came with prizes; Ada had a piano which she always showed off with, Maggie had a new dull and she could brag about the whole campus of. I was dumb and lost. What was this all about? I had to have a meeting with my mom for a crystal fruit crunch so that I could also show off for what prize I was going to get.

That afternoon after school, I was fortunate to have met my mom at home. She had returned early to go to the shop, which was a thirty minutes walk from our home, and I opted to follow her to the mall. While there I talked her into buying me one cereal box of the crystal fruit. I was so excited with the package and couldn’t wait to open it but she had warned me that it was only after supper that I was allowed to see what present I would get.

I hid in my room after supper and quietly ever, I tore in. It was a small teddy, the size if my finger. I couldn’t understand what it was all about and I was very angry with myself to have made the wrong choice. My mom and dad were eager to see what present I had got from my cereal box but I timidly told them that I was not lucky to have one. That night was the worst night of my existence at the start but when I fell asleep, I felt a tender and motherly caress on my cheek…

“My name is Laurent…” It said with it’s beady eyes that glowed straight at my weird gaze. I was startled now and when it spoke again, I became curios.

“Can you talk for real?” I asked and surprisingly, Laurent nodded. He took me out to the balcony and made several magic trick with quite an impression. I had to keep his existence secret but then, I so wanted to show off on my wonderful prize too.

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