On The Way

However good it may feel to be dependent, we always remain enslaved to something. Mentally, spiritually, psychologically or even morally, we get involved in certain commitments against all odds. In bewildering moments, we often ask ourselves the ultimate questions; the what if… “If I knew I’d not…” Importantly the question should be what if I did not.

One thing I most certainly will assure you is the inability for man to avoid bad things from happening. These things are always of the way not on the way. No matter how much advice you can give to a kid, you can never stop him/her from getting his/her personal experiences in life. These things are always of the way and it is part of who we are. They must happen to you just as sadly as you can think of for someone to learn, to profit, to be glorified.

Trying to live a cautious life, which is void of mistakes, simply means you are trying to count the number of days left for you to live eventually. This can be so since we are all aware that at some point in time, we will pass away and leave behind every experience of the way and the idea here is, what experiences have we left? An experience left of the way should impart an influence in the lives of some other individual. It is an invisible guide for hope and for endurance that no matter how hard we go through them, we will positively meet an end ever so peaceful.

Life or dead, there is always an end to every trouble and whichever way you choose, will only be a matter of time for you to realize that there was absolutely nothing you could, to stop yourself from getting those experiences learned. Most leaders today are best not for their speeches but for the many experiences they have gathered to effect a change.

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