It was however hard for Douglas to ignore captain Mugri’s command during the war fare. They had been in the cold for several hours in wait for the enemy and Douglas was feeling dizzy. He had killed two soldiers in the opposite camp and he thought that was probably enough. All he wanted was to return home to his kid and wife but Mugri was never going to let him go that easily.
In the shootout upheavals, Douglas was compelled by Mugri to snipe someone in a distance. Douglas fixed his arm and stood in position to shoot but when he looked through the lens, he discovered it was a kid in the far end. He called out the captain’s attention but Mugri was too headstrong to admit and went on to insist for Douglas to pull the trigger. Douglas panicked greatly and he could not shoot the kid.
The command came several times as the kid drew nearer but Douglas kept hesitating and resisting his captain in battle. He knew the consequences if Mugri fired a negative report about his conduct. It will be the end of his career and he did not wish to end his career over some selfless person as Mugri.
“Duglas goddamn it shoot,” Mugri said even as he saw clearly that it was a small boy coming up ahead with and empty bowl in his hands.
“Sir can’t you see that he’s only a kid…” Douglas argued but Mugri was too impatient to wait for him to get his orders so he stuck out his gun and stretched to shoot. Douglas plunged on him and after a brief moment wrestle, there was a gunshot that sounded.
“This is war gentlemen and it is either you shoot or you are shot,” the kid said pointing the gun at the both of them.

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