Shooting Stars

Everyone believes in shooting stars and so was the case with Alice, whose father was never there when she needed him and all she could wish for was for her dad to be present during her 8th birthday. Daddy was always at work and will only return home late. Alice never saw her dad before she could go to sleep and this made her sad. She knew daddy loved her but all she ever wanted was to spend time with him. Daddy was home only on Sundays, which was not enough because she had a lot of things to tell him but he was always tired and so this really made her sad. When she goes to the park with her mum, she will see other children with their mummy and daddy and her, she was always with her mum and she envied the other kids.

“Mum why is dad always away?” She asked her mum in a low tone. Her mummy saw that she was sad so she said “look here baby, daddy is at work and you know he needs to work so that you will be able to go to school. So don’t be sad because your daddy loves you very much ok.” Her mother spoke with so much confidence and she saw that she was not being understanding, since daddy was working but for her to have a good life with mummy.

“Am sorry mum I won’t be sad anymore I know daddy loves me and I love him too,” she said and went playing with her friends. Early the next day, she woke up to make her wish. It was her birthday so when she came out, she saw her dad. ‘My wish came true’ she whispered to herself. “Love you dad.”

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