The African Campus and Learning

At a tender age, the notion behind education was to trigger a change in mentality and to build a better society. This practice stems as far back as the colonial times, when Africa took to the western system and as it evolved to a profitable engagement, it is most likely to assess that there have been more pupils, students and teachers in the African continent than had been envisaged.
Most likely, the African mindset has been revolving around succeeding by means of going to school and by ‘going to school’; it is strictly on a day-to-day class attendance and interactions with teachers and to an extent, friends. Formerly, it was thought that there is nothing profitable that would arise from a friendly relationship in a studying environment. While this issue became the more prominent among pupils and students, as we find, from a logical viewpoint that there is always a first in a class in terms of academic performance and a last, under same educational environment and studying standards.
Psychologically proven, it is factually that every human procedure is complex and can vary from one person to another. With this in mind, it is clear to ascertain that the African school has been more a helping ground for the African people, thus, it entails educational, social and moral interaction between scholars and tutors for the benefit of learning and self-reliance. Learning has become a borrowed tradition and has picked up an age long doctrine of ‘Teach the Child to Better His Life’. It would have been ‘teach the child to build to build a stronger community’. It is for the society, the unity of the African people.
It has been with this respect that we have brought every institution and every student, not only in Africa but also in the world at large, uniting Institutions and Campuses for a better community. is a unique and most interactive site, which is not different from our several many and physical campuses. Having in mind; community building, as a goal for enhancement and ease, such that education may not seem a challenge to the slow student or a means to display for excellence due to sharpness of the mind. It is a site where all institutions and students will express an absolute liberty in their point of views, which will be debated upon, given facts and logics and will promote the great essence of self-actualization at best.
At, Institutions and students have a better and easier way to feel on campus than meeting on a confined location and perhaps limiting one’s thoughts to the four walls of a classroom. Education doesn’t end there, it has to be a continuous process whereby everyone will have something to learn from everyone. We build our mental campuses and we fortify our ability to connect for a better tomorrow.

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