In a busy town like Duma, everyone’s business is to make money or leave the town for greener pastures. Life was hard for Carl and he had just enough to nourish his family. He had hoped to make some sales of the goods he had left in his storeroom but when he got in contact with Dango, the notorious con man in town, Carl was duped of his last stocks and his family will now suffer the consequences of his illegal dealings with Dango. Carl could not let go the bitter feeling that Dango had robbed him of his last hope to revive his family again. He used the last savings he had made in the past eight months and got himself a gun. He set out on the mission to end Dango’s life. Studiously ever, Carl designed his wife to act like a hawker for Dango’s distraction and when the first step of their plan succeeded, Carl burst in Dango’s luxurious apartment after making it through with his tough guards. Dango was shocked to find Carl and his wife staring at him with eyes that could shoot a bullet. He made all sorts of promises and wished to repay Carl double what he had stolen from him but Carl was not out for the money. He had come to teach Dango the lesson he will forever remember even in the next life. They tied Dango on his bed and with a sharp knife; they tore the soft flesh on his back. Maggie, Carl’s wife had come along with grounded fresh red pepper and they both infused the substance in Dango’s wounds. The pain was greater than he could bear and with force, Carl shoved some of the pepper down his got. Dango had his hands tied and as the pain ate him, he pointed out all hidden corners in his house where he kept money. Carl and Maggie later took him down at his basement and chained him to a pillar with his mouth scotched. The locked the room and threw away the key. Made away with all that Dango had stolen from every one and then when they got home, they devided to move their family to another city where none of Dang’s men will find them for a very long time.

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