I was in my office sipping coffee with Diane, my secretary and talking about the new marketing project we had won for the company when I suddenly went into a deep trance that seemed so real. It was actually real and I was never the same person after that moment. I can recall the last thing I said to Diane was that she looked so lovely in her new dress. The rest came in twinkling flashes even as I fought hard to disagree what was happening to me.

I found myself in a vast field and the place looked quite familiar. It was my primary school at the football field and everything looked just so real but when the bell was rung, I couldn’t make out the faces of the pupils who ran outside towards me. “C’mon Eric,” one of them called out to me. I made the first step and stopped. I had lost more than eighty pounds in a flash and when I looked down at my feet, I couldn’t believe my eyes what I was seeing.

I had turned to a nine years old kid with a thirty-five years old mentality. I could recognize Elizabeth, I had worked with her at the Wall Mark Firm for two years. She had not changed much and we were separated for seventeen years after primary school. She had died a terrible death a year after I had quit the job.

She took me by the hand and walked me down to the road with the childish stories I wasn’t paying attention to. I thought of telling her where I was coming from but I quickly presumed she was never going to understand anything. When we got home, I was most thrilled when I saw my mother again. I never told her how much I loved her before she passed away and now maybe, I could get a chance to right the many wrongs I had done in my present past.

She was baking cup cakes and when she saw me, she tried a cute smile but then, I saw a lot of fear in her watery beady eyes as though I would reject her food as I always did. Things had to change and it was time for me to correct my life with this unique and bizarre circumstance.

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