Trunk was a lovely city in those days but its people had spoiled its fortune with corruption. Everyone was corrupt except for Paul. He too was corrupt initially until something happened to him.

Paul was a task collector and every end of the month, he stood at the gate in wait for traders who came to the city to sell their goods. Then he met with this stranger, Abu-Bakr, he was a merchant in the East of Trunk and he was one of the action fighters against corruption and world peace. When Paul had charged sixe traders with a fair so high, Abu-Bakr was forced to intervene on a woman’s behalf. He offered much gold to Paul and told him one thing before he left off.

“This gold I am giving you will be the last you will ever take as bribe…” Paul wondered at first why he had to be so rude but then, he was only doing his job. Later that evening, thieves attacked Paul at his house, killed his twelve years old son and abducted his wife on the account for a ransom. Paul lost all the money he had collected at the gate in a twinkle of an eye and when he went to the authorities for help, he was charged with a sum he couldn’t afford.

He was a victim of the same circumstance and the next day when he went to the gates to make some more money so that he could buy his wife’s freedom, he met again with Abu-Bakr and this time, he turned out to be so sober. Abu-Bakr agreed to help him in his quest on the condition that he too will become an action fighter against the corruption of their nation.

Paul was forced to resign from his career as a tax collector and he took up the fight to hunt those who practiced corruption in Trunk. He later became the leader when he had proven to the majority how important it was for everyone to live in peace and to pay their due taxes.

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