Guru, a small Island at the tail of the Atlantic Arch, West Borow seas at the Northern tribes of the Sazambu was the most vicious queen of all times, Celine. She ruled with sorcery and all the peoples of the lands feared her. She had created a legend for herself. She was feared even by the best magicians and sorcerers in the land but one day, she had conceived to host a festival at her castle in Guru. She had told her valet and butlers that her plans were to poison the opposition who stood on her path.

Jessica, her valet did not wish for that to happen as she felt sad that it might affect her parents who constituted the group of invitees she wanted to kill. That night, Jessica went into Celine’s kitchen and switched the poisoned dishes with those that were not poisoned. She kept it to herself as her secret and that night after the party, she went to her queen’s bedroom to see if the poison worked.

“Help me….Jessica,” Celine bleated as she coughed blood almost all over the room. Jessica stood still and watched her die quietly but she did die with one last wish for the land, “this land shall be cursed forever and you all will live under such dreadful fright…Your children shall keep wake every night and during the day, they shall starve from their lazy bones…You will beg for death and it still will be far from you…You…” She gasped the last and stayed still in Jessica’s watch.

When the news broke that the wicked queen was dead, the town made a feast and it was then that her powerful wish spell began to manifest. An absolute darkness engulfed the land and as the elders were swept away by the terrors of their shadows, it was an awful sight for Jessica trying to save her people once again but this time in vain…

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