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As a child I always want to grow but as time goes on I realized that growing up doesn’t matter anymore because when you grow up you will have so many experiences. What I missed about my childhood is the fact that I can cry to my parents and I can’t go my cousins house to stay for day. My life dream is to live with my eight siblings everything under one roof but life circumstance keep us away. I have experienced so many things between friends and family. I can write a book about people I think. I love traveling to see the world but I can only travel through CNN, BBC and MBC. I can only see the world through TV because I have never being outside my country but what I can say about is that there are different kinds of them, some good some bad and some of them are amazing. I met amazing people and also I meet not so amazing people. I pondered the way some people, some of whom I have lived with for a considerable long time, manage others,. I absolutely never review them snickering, or notwithstanding grinning at a joke out of affability, or responding emphatically to the individual addressing them. I used to imagine that maybe this was the manner by which they were sustained and that they were not able to change their inclination. I was in this way paralyzed one day to see some of them with a gathering of rich and effective individuals, giggling and being gracious.


TO BE Continued ……………

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