About Rahzapost

Rahzapost is a new way for writers to write their stories giving them the opportunity to receive feedback from their readers. To learn of their mistakes and if necessary to make improvements to their work. At Rhazapost we come up with a way whereby a writer can write and publish their story in series developing their story in response to the readers demands and suggestions.


Rahzapost gives you the opportunity to create a story in response to the public’s demand. You create your story after receiving the readers comments which help to shape the story in a way that you know will appeal to the reader as it takes account of their suggestions.


We all enjoy a good story, whether it’s a movie, a novel or simply the description of an experience shared by a friend. When writers write in series Rahzapost enables the reader to become actively involved from the start helping to shape the storyline. Along with the writer you are able to share in its development.


Writing a novel can be time consuming with little or no feedback until the lengthy task is finished as to whether the writer has produced a successful and readable product. With Rahzapost’s Sell in Series/Chapters the writer is better able to know at an earlier opportunity whether their work is likely to be appreciated by readers. Sell in Series /Chapters is a means to writing without the agonising wait to the end to see if your work is worthwhile.