An Orphan’s Wish: CHAPTER 1

Like any orphan story, you’d think that i was like the famous musical star Anny, living in a squeaky small  house full  of girls, and then suddenly everything turns out right when a rich man comes and sweeps her off her feet and asks her to be his daughter. Or maybe, I would be like The Little Princess, where young Sara Crew leaves her mansion in the magical spices kingdom, and inters a boarding school where an evil principal tells her that she no longer is a  Princess, but then all works well as she  gets her happy ending. But that’s the thing about these fairy tales; they try too hard to satisfy your desires by creating these perfect happy ever afters. Back to reality, some endings aren’t so fancy,  and mine? Well, see for yourself.

I was brought up to this orphanage when I was a few months old, nothing was left behind but a kitty. That’s right, near my small picnic basket, a kitty which I named Silver was guarding me. I wasn’t born in Europe or America, no. I was  located in the middle east, where the hot weather can cook you alive. the orphanage, which goes by the name ‘Hope’,  took me in. And I was given the name Sofia, Sofi for short. I wasn’t sure why I was named like that, maybe because I didn’t look local enough? I stood out mainly because I had green hazel eyes, and my hair was burning brown. It was long, and kinda curly so I just assumed that I had African roots. My skin is kinda pale, and I am quiet normal as a person. But not for long.

I was still pretty much moving on with my life as an orphan, and the fact that I wasn’t adopted. This made me miserable.  I felt unwanted and lonely. Today was my last  day as a 16 year old, and yeah I wasn’t feeling the excitement. In the orphan world, you don’t really like your birthday, because other than the fact that you were born in it, it marks the day you were abandoned as well. Its like an anniversary  that reminds you once again that you were a big mistake, that you weren’t welcome when you opened your eyes to this world. I was shaken awake from my sleepless but closed eyes at the sound of Silver mewing at me, demanding his meal. “okay, buddy” I said with a tired tone “I am up”. I put on my Hoodie , placed my hair in a bun, and headed downstairs with my old fat cat following behind.

I headed to the small kitchen outside.  It was probably one hour before I turned 17. Silver was the kind of cats that had unusual timings to eat, its like he was jet lagged all his life when it came to his eating habits. But I don’t mind, its not like I had better things to do let alone sleep, at that hour.  The kitchen was small, but tidy. Madam Emily always keeps it clean and cosy, for us that live her. The orphanage wasn’t that big, and so were the kids  in number. I was the eldest around here, and there were eight more kids between the age of 6 and 12.

As I poured some cat food and water in two small yellow plates, Silver started jumping with joy. I shushed him with putting the food right in front of him at once.  The old ball of fur munched down his meal, as  I gazed at the window and realized how the moon glow was. It looked so bright  and flawless, as I wished my life would have been. I really missed Jinan, my only human friend. “what do you spouse she is doing right now, silver?” I asked with a low voice “Soundly asleep, I hope” I completed.  Jinan was adopted when we were 8. Although I was happy for her, I was pretty sad that she was leaving me behind. My thoughts scattered away when I heard a sudden movement outside. Silver lifted his head, pointed out his ears, and we both starred at the door with wide eyes, in silence.

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