An Orphan’s Wish: CHAPTER SIX

On the next day, the ride to the airport was a complete disaster. I woke up late with puffy eyes, with Madam Emily’s shouting in front of my room as an alarm clock. Apparently Rami poured some backing soda on her bathroom floor and mixed it with some vinegar, causing a stinky odor. After washing my face, and whipping out my plane outfit that composed of a white t-shirt that said American Authors and black skinny jeans paired with a button up black and red shirt tide on my waist, I put on my Vans that were hand-me-downs from some charity and tossed my hair in a messy bun. I ran out of the door after grabbing my backpack and my passport, dragging behind me my suitcase, as I rubbed Rami’s head on the way. He waved at me and shouted a goodbye. The rest of the kids glared at me from the kitchen as they were having snack time. I didn’t see them directly looking at me, I just felt their strong gaze. Madam Emily, however, didn’t say anything. It was as if i were a ghost that passed by her and she did not want to acknowledge it. I didn’t care, though. I finally managed to stop a taxi after waving my hands endlessly at so may that simply ignored my existence. I kept looking at the time through my phone, tapping my hands and feet nervously as Jinan and I texted back and fourth non-stop. I was apologizing for being late the whole time, while she kept on worrying about me not getting there on time. I finally reached my destination, and ran inside the glass doors of the airport after paying the taxi driver. I met up with Jinan and her parents at the gates minutes before the flight took off. Thankfully, we processed everything and checked our luggage safely . I wasn’t really paying attention to anything that was happening, my thoughts still lingered with my dead cat, and how surreal everything is at the moment. I won’t come back to Sliver when this trip is over; I will come back to an empty room. I bet the second I was out of the orphanage’s gates, Madam Emily was already disposing of his plates, toys, and snacks. I bet deep down, she was glad he was finally gone. Well, let us be real, my cat is old; I was surprised he had lived for more than 15 years in the first place. I guess deep down I hoped he was immortal, that he will stay till I die. Or at least till I found my parents and told them that I kept the cat all these years. The truth is that I don’t know if they left him there beside my basket, or if his own mommy abandoned him there. But one thing I knew for sure, and that is that we both were gotten rid of at the same day. I was poked on my shoulder lightly, so I turned from the cloudy view, to Jinan who was sat in the cocoon beside me, smiling sadly. We were in first class, and these seats were really comfy. Her parents sat right in front of us.

“what are you thinking about?” she said softly in a whisper. I forced a smile towards her, “nothing.” I whispered back carefully, not wanting our conversation to be audible to her parents.

“You mean you don’t wan’t to talk about it? Just say that Sofi, you don’t have to brush me off with a lie. I’m your best friend.” She elbowed me, and smiled with empathy. I liked how Jinjin was always honest; she would say what is always on my mind without hesitation. I nodded my head, and turned to the window again, looking down at the royal blue sea. I wished that I could jump, and dive in that mysterious place and swim with the fishes. Forget everything and everyone and just swim endlessly. But I shook off my sducidal thoughts; I’m headed to Spain after all. I should be happy and grateful for this opportunity. I have got to stop being such a depressing self-loathing soul. Jinan didn’t bring me along to make the atmosphere gloomy; she brought me to make me feel better. I’m being so selfish, Worrying her and her parents about my mental health and I. They came to have 3 weeks of fun in the sunny city of Madrid, and so should I. I turned to her and she immediately looked back at me with hopeful eyes, as if she was expecting something from me.

“Jinjin, I’m craving Ice cream. How do I get one on this plane?” I questioned, she looked at me with amused eyes, and started laughing while showing those cute dimples. “Oh god,” she said in between chuckles. I looked at her with confusion, as her parents turned around and looked at us. “What’s so funny, girls?” I shrugged while Jinan, “Sofi is being too adorable.” Her mother smiled at me, and turned around chatting once again with her husband. Jinan clicked a button beside her, soon enough a hostess appeared from behind the curtains and stood right beside her.”We would like some ice cream, please” Jinan said politely. The hostess smiled kindly, “and what flavor would you like it to be?”

Jinan glanced at me, “chocolate?” I nodded my head slowly. I wasn’t talkative by nature. I found that body language is my kind of language. “Chocolate please.” The hostess smile, “coming right up, ladies.” She quickly left afterwards, disappearing behind the curtains she came from. Jinan and I waited for the ice cream by playing a movie. We watched the first 5 minutes of The Fight club which was a classic, when the hostess came back with our our ice creams. We both grabbed them excitedly, and smiled as a thank you. We devoured the chocolate iced heaven and snuggled up in the blankets they offered us. Soon enough, I found myself drifting into sleep.

Flight 88877 to Madrid, Spain is preparing to land shortly. Please put on your seat belts and be safe. Thank you for flying on Etihad airways. We hope you have a pleasant stay in this wonderful country.

I woke up when the flight attendance announced our arrival, as the plane’s wheels screeched on the asphalt and stopped moving shortly afterwards. I rubbed my eyes lazily, and slid my backpack on my shoulders. Jinan walked in front of me, following her parents whom were right in front of her. We exited the plane and were quickly greeted by the gate in both Spanish and English. We then headed to claim our luggage, and exited the airport. It was night time here in Madrid, and the jet lag was kicking in as we entered a mini van. I sat beside Jinan and drifted into a short nap. I woke up hearing her mother’s voice waking us both up. I was laying on Jinan’s shoulder, as she rested her head on top of my head. We exited the mini van, stretching like cats, and grabbing our luggage. We dragged our suitcases inside a … house? Yes, we are apparently staying at a privet house. They’re rich, I keep reminding myself. I was too sleepy to stop and admire the breath taking interior inside and the huge walls surrounding the house from the outside. All I wanted to do was to reach my room, and complete my slumber. Jinan’s mother led me to room, which was downstairs and had a lovely view of the garden. I could easily go outside by just opening the huge curtains and the glassy windows behind them. Jinan’s room was connected to my room through a door, and we also shared a small living room in between. The interior was a mix of Indie and Victorian. The wallpaper was flourish and the bed had fresh white sheets. There was also a study table and an empty bookshelf for the few books I packed along. The closet was insanely huge, but I couldn’t bother to unpack just yet. The room was dimly lit, practically inviting me to a snooze. I squeezed out my pyjamas, tooth brush, and tooth paste and quickly ran into the bathroom, which by the way was huge and had both a bathtub and a shower place. After getting ready for bed, I styled my hair lazily into a soft fuzzy bride and tucked myself under the sheets. They oozed out a vanilla scent, which happens to be my favorite. I nuzzled my face into the soft pillows, thinking of nothing at all. For the first time in my life, I slept knowing that I will certainly have a good day tomorrow.

I woke up with a cold hand shaking my shoulder, “wake up sleepy head.” I shrugged off the hand that was placed on my shoulder”just a few minutes,” I said through a crooked morning voice. Jinan Chuckled, “breakfast is ready though, we have to eat and unpack.”

“Can’t we just do that tomorrow,” I said, my eyes still closed. Jinan chuckled again, and I heard her footsteps fading away. I relaxed in my sleep once again, thinking that Jinan is gone for good. But only for a few minutes, as I received droplets of water on my face. I jumped, and sat up sluggishly, “You’re going to pay for this, Jinan.”I groaned, rubbing my face. She through her head back, laughing. “Come on, breakfast is ready in our mini living room. My parents are already out, walking the streets of Madrid while you and I are stuck here. That’s what we get for sleeping in.”

I flipped the mattress open, and got off of the bed. I headed to the bathroom to freshen up. I didn’t even bother to style my hair. No one was home to witness this horrible view anyway. I walked into the mini beige living room, and sat on the wooden Victorian like table. The curtains were open, and I could finally view the sun and the lovely guardian, protected by those high golden walls. I guess Jinan’s parents valued their privacy a lot. I shifted my attention to the food that was in front of us both. Breakfast smelled amazing. It consisted of pancakes, both chocolate and Maple Syrup, Strawberries, Bananas, scrambled eggs, freshly squeezed orange juice and Milk tea on the side. the table wear was a bit fancy than what I’m used to, but it’s still beautiful. Jinan was on her phone, taking pictures of the food. She snapped her head up as I cleared my throat.

“So, what do you wan’t to do after breakfast and unpacking?” she said excitedly.

“Let us chill in the garden today, ” I said with a genuine smile, ” it is beautiful.”

Jinan smiled a toothy smile, and looked relived. ” Good, because I really wanted to relax today. I’ll tan near the pool.”

“And I’ll read in the garden,” I chirped. I never chirp. I’ve been in Spain for half a day, and it’s changing me already. Jinan nodded her head with a grin, “such a
nerd.” We started digging in on the feast before us and chatted lightly in between bites. This was a good start, I thought.

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