Beyond goodreads Online community

Last month I heard the privilege to meet Murdoch University’s literature club during studentsera’s podcast. The literature club aim is to be something like real life goodreads whereby instead of the students to go online discussing books with random online people, you can actually meet people that you can discuss books with.
The ease of online communication nowadays means that more of our social interactions are moving online. But are we missing out on important face-to-face interactions?
The literature club also encourage members to have a log book where you discipline yourself to do some amount of reading every week or everyday based on your ability.
Here is the link full conversation.

To me platforms like this can help students to have the human connection that is missing these due to social media information overload.

2017 Year of learning

In 2017 I met more people than I could image. 2017 was the first year I had my first international work trip, 2017 was the I was first year I was recorded live on tv and radio. I drove more kilometers in 2017 than my previous stay in UAE in total from 2011-2016.

Just like every year I started 2017 at home in Nigeria celebrating my secondary school’s friend wedding on the first day of the year. I came back to work in Dubai mid of the month with the aim to expand my business and study more as 2016 ended in a good for me. I spent the last month on holiday, celebrating my younger sister as she got married. The first fifteen days of 2017 were well spent visiting family and friends knowing that 2017 will be a long year as the plan was to do more than the previous year. The first project I had in 2017 was to organize RAK education exhibition in partnership with RAK Education Zone.  Organizing such event is not an easy task as it require one to find the perfect location, find the right marketing channels and also find the right partners to make the event successful.  I was planning to grow the studentsera platform, a student engagement that aims to connect students across the country online and offline through different activities.

In February we decided to launch the studentsera podcast which was the first podcast in the country that focus on giving students a platform to express themselves. At first we started as learning platform to understand students’  challenges during their college lives. We started at Dubai Technology entrepreneur center where my office is located with the aim to collaborate with different Universities in order to set up small campus radio where the university students from that particular university will be employed to do some form of internship in the project. Later on I find out that Infive Center the Dubai Internet city incubator is opening a media zone that will support people working on media so we decided to partner with them in order to have more students participating.  Podcast was launched in Febaury where we do two recording sessions in Dubai silicon oasis, we invite different students as guests to share their campus experience. In march our Neymarjrsfive global signature returned as the largest amateur football tournament in the world which was a bigger opportunity for studentsera to grow as a platform. During the two month of NeymarJrsfive I met almost every youth player in the country as the event is for youth 16-25 and we had 15 qualifiers across the country from Ras Al Khaimah to Dharfah.

In May 2017 I attended the Arabnet digital submit where I met lots of Interested Entrepreneurs coming from all over the world. One of my best things at Arabnet was the startups competing in their competition but usually disappointed at the end as usually the startups that  looks promising and interesting doesn’t usually win the competitions.

In Ramadan I worked with a Friend to help his company an event Company based in Sharjah (82events) to manage the Sharjah TV Ramadan tournament. I also met local and International players that participated in the event and I interacted and worked with different people that came for the event activation, like Vicky Gomez one of best bikers in the world.

In the summer I had my first official travel, I traveled with UAE winners to represent UAE in the neymar world finals. I met and socialize with the winners from more than fifty countries and we met Neymarjrs and his friends including Manchester City’s Striker Gabriel Jesus.  we are a quick tour guides in some famous places in Brazil Including a visit to Pele Museum.

2017 didn’t end very well for as a travel to back home I lost my cousin whom we grow up together. Fourth December is the day I will never forget. I think about him everyday. In shaa Allah we will be reunited in Jannah.








The world Unite

Malcolm-X-and-Muhammad-AliToday is the first day of my life that I see everyone is talking about the same thing in a positive way. Today is the day Muhammad Ali died at 74 years old, he is the greatest boxer of all time. Uniting the whole world is a legacy in it’s self. Muhammad Ali is an inspiration to everyone, whether white, black, Muslim or christian. He left a good legacy that will be hard to be replicated as BBC world said ” There will never be another Muhammad Ali.”  Muhammad Ali was not only an athlete but he is a peace advocate and also philanthropist. He left us with greatest quotes to leave our lives upon, some of these quotes are :

  1. “At home I am a nice guy: but I don’t want the world to know. Humble people, I’ve found, don’t get very far.
  2. “Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream, a vision.”
  3. “A man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”
  4. “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”
  5. “I don’t smoke, but I keep a match box in my pocket. When my heart slips towards a sin, I burn a match stick and heat my palm, then I say to myself: Ali, you can’t bear even this heat, how would you bear the unbearable heat of hell”

I will end this with quote from Dr. Yasir Qhadi ”

Br. Muhammad Ali! I know you will not read these words. Yet still, I write them because I am at once proud and humbled to consider you my brother, and to know that we are a part of one Ummah. I consider it a personal loss that I never got to meet you. But I sincerely pray that eventually we shall be together in Jannah, and I look forward to the day that you will dazzle me with your fiery eloquence and make me laugh with your humble humor.

May Allah bless you in your remaining time on this earth, and grant you the best in the next life! Ameen…”



Trunk was a lovely city in those days but its people had spoiled its fortune with corruption. Everyone was corrupt except for Paul. He too was corrupt initially until something happened to him.

Paul was a task collector and every end of the month, he stood at the gate in wait for traders who came to the city to sell their goods. Then he met with this stranger, Abu-Bakr, he was a merchant in the East of Trunk and he was one of the action fighters against corruption and world peace. When Paul had charged sixe traders with a fair so high, Abu-Bakr was forced to intervene on a woman’s behalf. He offered much gold to Paul and told him one thing before he left off.

“This gold I am giving you will be the last you will ever take as bribe…” Paul wondered at first why he had to be so rude but then, he was only doing his job. Later that evening, thieves attacked Paul at his house, killed his twelve years old son and abducted his wife on the account for a ransom. Paul lost all the money he had collected at the gate in a twinkle of an eye and when he went to the authorities for help, he was charged with a sum he couldn’t afford.

He was a victim of the same circumstance and the next day when he went to the gates to make some more money so that he could buy his wife’s freedom, he met again with Abu-Bakr and this time, he turned out to be so sober. Abu-Bakr agreed to help him in his quest on the condition that he too will become an action fighter against the corruption of their nation.

Paul was forced to resign from his career as a tax collector and he took up the fight to hunt those who practiced corruption in Trunk. He later became the leader when he had proven to the majority how important it was for everyone to live in peace and to pay their due taxes.


The yam festival was one to recon but they seemed not to understand the dangers that waited ahead. The primitive tribes of Krampoa and Zed had emerged as one and the fight was not for gold but for life. I was seated at my end in these futile thoughts, to figure a way for my family and I for an escape. I was given a shield and a spear to war for what I knew not for sure.

They danced in dusty but colorful display and the fire burned through the night; they already felt victorious over a war not fought. I stared in awe how they rejoiced in confidence so absolute, my king denied to give an ear for an advice for these lives that raised the dust. I felt sorry for all I could do was think and wait, for my end was near and I could smell the defeat.

An hour passed in every single bit of merriment but I did not fancy how they danced only to die at my king’s folly. I stood to my feet at the thought of my son, went to the bush to devise a strategy for our very safety. They lurked in the dark grass tall and heaped at the far but I was keen to be discrete at my end. I smote them one by one throughout the long night that stood.

Their blood and guilt to cheat over this war rested on the surface of my sword and spear and I did not stop. I went for their leader and it was imperative for me to get him alive. We had a lasting duel as our metals clapped in the air angrily in firry sparks for our lives ever so dear. I was determined to live but at the cost of such fatigue, wiping out an entire camp of trained warriors was a task of death. His blade was at hairbreadth to my neck and when he yelled to strike, I was quick to rise from my sleep.


Once upon a time in Triumph town, there came a man in search for the hidden treasures that were kept sacred in the temple of Triumph and King Damas had declared a dead sentence to whoever should steal or be found with any one item of the temple. Bundez was vicious and had a gang with whom he operated for most of his deals. He had decided to take up this one single handedly as he will not share the glory with anyone. His mission was sealed and determined as he was; he devised to kill the six guards at the gate of the temple. When he made his way in, the dazzling sparks of the treasure blinded his eyes and he couldn’t find his way out after collecting tons of bags of the antiques that were kept sacred to the people of Triumph town. The news of the theft broke out and the city was at a state of unrest. The palace guards went into every home and when they couldn’t find any treasure, there was an order from his royal majesty, Damas, to kill the young men from the age of seventeen to thirty years old. Kunde lived with his mother at the out skirt of the city and they had not heard of the decree that was passed. On the night of the killing, Kunde had defended himself by killing two of the guards and made his way to the neighboring town that was some thirty kilometers from their city. News reached him in a bar that his mother was held captive until he showed up for her release. Fortunately, for him, he was talking to Bundez earlier on and Bundez had told him how he had robbed a city of all its treasure but now, he had lost his sight due to greed. Bundez pleaded for Kunde to help him out as his guide around the town and he will pay him a third of his treasures stolen from Triumph town. Kunde being so wise accepted the offer and instead of leading Bundez to safety, he led him back to Triumph and to his king, Damas. Bundez was disappointed in Kunde but it was too late for him for his end had come to him in a timely manner. Kunde’s mother was released and the king compensated those families whose sons were killed out of his rage to save the city. There is never a leader without flaws.


Once there was an old lady who so much wanted to marry. She was rich and benevolent but every man who courted her went for her wealth.

She had come up with a new strategy after her last divorce and she was positive that no man would come to her. She had changed her benevolent tendencies and she was now rude and selfish to anyone who came to her for help.

Eric was a gentleman though poor and he happened to be a job seeker. He went up at the lady’s place and applied to be his gardener. He did his job devotedly and as time went by, the woman started feeling a soft spot for Eric.

He was different from the other men who had come to her and when they had a dinner date, she was most certain that Eric would be the perfect guy of her dreams.

One day, she came down with a diamond ring and offered to Eric. She urged him to keep the ring as a sign of their love but Eric got into debts and sold the ring, which was a gift of love.

The old lady was just so furious that she had to sack E

Ic from his job but Eric explained to her his reasons. He did not want to ask her for any assistance, as it would have appeared that he was only taking advantage of her after all.

The lady was pleased to hear how Eric felt for her and she decided to make him her personal driver.They were wedded in three months and right after their wedding, Eric had requested a huge sum of money to take a business trip abroad.

She had every right to feel confident so she handed the money without delay but when Eric left, she waited for eternity and he never retruned.


Most Sundays, I took my guitar out to the busy streets and played the most touching songs but all I earned from such was a dollar bill. There was always this weird guy with a stern gaze at the other end of the road who starred with an impression on his face. “You play quite well,” said one day after I had released my latest song in public. Most of the passersby were stunned but they never left any money. All they did was clap for me. “I can get you wherever you wanted, all you need do is make me your official sponsor and I will teach you the arts,” he said.


At the end of the creation and successful evolution of mankind, a black by the name of Seth ruled the world. He succeeded his father Ackmeth after the destruction of the great tower that was built to cross the sky. He was vicious and strong but he had a problem no one could ever resolve; Mahackni and his brother Abinanoah. They were the rebels who stood against his plans to continue the construction after the devastating disaster that had befallen mankind during the time of Ackmeth.

Mahackni and his brother rallied the people to revolt against their black king and gave them every reason that it was one form of slavery they were into. “You have to fight back for your right, your freedom. This is madness and there shall be a more lethal encounter if we dare to start this project.” He warned the audience who had gathered round.

When the news got to Seth, he was furious and raged so much so that he asked his knights to slay anyone who was seen hanging out with Abinanoah and his brother. The two brothers when on exile but as determined as they were, they devised a strategy to bring Seth’s reign to ruin. Seth could never withstand the pretty women in the town and every year, he wedded a new girl from the tribe and he never had enough of them so Abinanoah and his brother used Mabel, the bell of Babel at the time.

She was bold and powerful, full of intelligence and in one week from the star of the construction set off, she was married to Seth. Mahackni’s plans had worked so far but Mabel was to poison him after a long day at the project site. They waited and waited but at long last, they were all surprised that Seth abandoned the site and the city with his lady love, Mabel. They never saw them nor heard of them from that day on. Mahackni became the new king and his brother was the vizier at his palace and they ruled with love and attention to the people’s needs.


Once upon a time, in the city of Ola, there lived a poor farm boy who had always dreamed to sail the high seas to far off lands. Tom Danon had his ambitions built at his father’s work shop. He was a black smith and he had hoped to either become a bounty hunter or join the pirate anti gang at the seas.

He was just too excited about sailing and despite his father; he got himself enrolled at the Ola marine school for anti piracy. This had caused is father to develop a cardiac attack and die but Tom held on to his lifelong dream and succeeded but his task was the one no one in the institute had taken to return.

Their head master sent him to the Island of Haram, the forbidden land of the dead and the place of no return. It had been Tom’s greatest pleasure to take up the challenge to sail to this place and return with the plant of Haram, a rare treasure that could bridge the line between the living and the dead.

He first crossed the rough Zebudu seas with all the torments of lightning and coarse storms, then the Soxcha of the mermaids, the Rahimzi, Rio de croco, and then he finally got to the Island of Haram. Everything glittered as he set foot on the Island. There were diamonds, silver and gold plates and items from the shores to the interior of the Island but then again, as he dug through, he found dried up bone of human skulls and teeth almost on every pile of treasure.

He had lost most of his crew through the rough seas and with the attack of the Haramite dragon, Tom was left alone with no crew and escape was the only option at best. He tried as much to mask himself with the shiny metals to blind the dragon as the strong reflection sparked and then harvested the rare plant and hid in his boat. It was a long sail back home but by the time he finally reached, he realized that he had spent all his life fighting against the storms all to himself and did not realize how fast time had passed. His headmaster had passed away and most of his friends at the school were either ministers or state’s men. He had come with the plant, fresh and brilliant but no one knew the story he was telling for he had come really late but he still knew he could meet his teacher and show him how successful he was.

When he bridged the gap between the living and the dead, he started to realize that it was the biggest mistake he had made in his life. His headmaster did not recognize him nor did his father. “These are two different worlds my boy…You don’t recall anything once you’re born in one of them…” His father said.