Step by step to war they march

To fill the greed of orders to smash

For fame roars on whips that lash

Those poor souls, smote in angry clash.

Poor and brave they sought to sing

Those songs of hope on deathrow’s ding

Those thoughts of her finger in a ring

For one night’s sorrows does bring

Strong and bold they die in the field

For slavery’s sake in every second’s build

The man, last to stand such lethal deed

As nothing left of fame is just as shield

A return to hug a long forgotten past

That sent orders to war ever so fast

Would prove to be best an out cast

For shadow is all to take to end the blast

A war to secure a return of its very blast

By Conrad ever so at last…




















MR President

You’ve ascended
Our mandate have entrust you
We wish not to regret

Letters From Africa: The Modern African Poetry Compilation (Chapter One)

African poetry





“The Message Is”


Encrypted words across

My tender brain

So young yet age

Defies my justice

The voice of education

Ignored along my days

I shall embrace the life

I chose to practice

Encode the words

And spell the meaning

Correct my wrongs

And write the feeling


The message is but

What was told

Regret your choices

And reap what you sow

Through mistakes we learn

We grow old

Do we grow wise as well?

Who knows?

Encode the words

And rebuild wisdom

Our future kings have

Burnt the kingdom


Stranded we roam

Like spirits unease

Africa burning

People are dying

I watch from afar;

This deadly disease

Churches are scams

Prophets are lying

Encode the words

And teach religion

But who will learn

We were born rebels


Deep inside

The shadows of death

I embark on a journey

Towards change

I’m just a poet

But I’ll take that path

Imagine a world

Without a thing strange

Encode the words

And read the messages

But this is what the message is


“My Alphabet”



A is for angry

The emotion that I have

B is for boring

The teacher at the front

C is for caring

The feeling that I crave

D is for dangerous

The look in my eyes

E is for elation

The feeling I’ve never known

F is for forgiving

Something I’ll never do


G is for grand

The kind of life I crave

H is for help

That no one ever gave

I is for imagination

The only asset I own

J is for Jordan

The corrupt government official

K is for killer

That the judge set free

L is for love

That is only a dream


M is for money

That the government embezzles

N is for natives

That suffer everyday

O is for oppression

That we face everyday

P is for poem

The only voice I have left

Q is for questions

That have no answers

R is for religion

That now exploits us.


S is for slums

Where most of us live

T is for torture

Every day that I live

U is for unity

Nothing but a theory

V is for virginity

That has lost sense and meaning

W is for water

That has not become scarce

X is for x-ray

To see through our government

Y is for youth

Who know no truth

Z is for zeal

To be done with this regime


That is my alphabet

With all I have seen and heard

And even if you try so hard

I will surely be heard

And put an end

To a situation that is so sad.





“The Poet’s Arithmetic”


With his canoe, he paddled on the lone sand

Deafening noise and yet no sound

For years he awaited the sun’s appearance at night

He grew so weak that he became a knight


His greatest fear is that he is fearless

Taking caution with him implies one is careless

Those in his future died in the time past

So slow that he won every race before they start


Perfectly imperfect to be seen as perfect

Gallantly, he strolled around the crowded but empty market

And towards the woman who was the husband of her wife

Then she sold to the man who neither came to buy nor sell


Long life to the king destined to die young

Through whom their happiest sorrow “sprung”

Sadly, they composed the song for his coronation

Happily, it was sang at his funeral

Where he delivered a speech as their general


The lines are hidden inside the moon

You need a missal to crack this.





Why do I write?

Because it’s right

To give people some light

On the happenings of the site


Why do I write?

Because it takes me to heights

Not of fright

But of flight

Even during the night


Why do I write?

Because it make me feel like a knight

In the on-going fight

Who makes it look bright?


Why do I write?

Because my words no longer bite

Or make them quiet

But it makes me speak and bring sight

To those reading on the sheet so white

Held in their hands so tight


I write

To speak my mind

To inform


And be informed


I write to express

And not to oppress


I write to bring happiness

And a hint of sadness

But can you blame me

For all I do

Is write



“I’m a Poet”


I speak not poetic words

I speak regular words in a poetic manner

I seek pleasure in writing

I am a poet


I do not walk like a poet

I do not lot live like a poet

I’ll love to but

I know not how


A poet who writes

A poet who writes some more

A poet who resides in his own words

That is who I am


I’m a poet made up of words

Normal words used by a normal man

Yet in an extraordinary manner

Then I am born – I’m a poet



“Poetic Verses”


Is poetry the stanzas?

The rhythms that rhymes

Does it bend to lines?

Fitted into structures


Is poetry just words

Or feelings and thoughts

Hopes and dreams

Messages of some sort


Is poetry like beauty?

Only known by the beholder’s eye

Or is a form of art

That speaks to the heart


I read plenty yet few I get

Mostly assembled in many ways

Some unfamiliar to the eye

Yet they are all poetic in a way


Then I resolve poetry is not limited

It’s not the lines and stanzas

Nor the rhythms that rhymes

Poetry is the message


“Bear Your Words”


I’m a book with many blank pages?

Young as I am I’m willing to learn

Although sometimes I pretend to know

In truth I know not a lot


Share your knowledge let me be wise

I acknowledge am still a child

Write in my pages later I’ll read

Tomorrow I’ll be a better person


I comprehend not a lot of things

Sometimes occurrences pass me by

As if am not there nor a partaker

But page by page do jot them down


If memory do me justice

One day I’ll revisit these pages

Line by line I’ll read these words

For now just note them down


I may not know yet where am going

Nor certain of what route to follow

Guide me with your words

When tomorrow comes I’ll decide


When I first beheld your grace, I felt lost in the shadows of my world

Created for me to save lives from things ever so cruel

I knew of this man from a land so far and yet so near

Who counted such days of agony for an end not known to all


When I first felt your warm embrace, I threw the thoughts of all dreams

To war for a nation so greedy and full of want

That every land around and about its zone for treasure and for fame

Shall bow to one rule not known to them at all


When I first heard your song of solo

In an audience so large I filled my heart with sorrow

For war had been a part of me while you were

Just all I could and needed to have so dear


When I first took this ring of life’s promise on an alter of truth

I swore no give up the war for all I cared

That you my bride by my side in all times

Shall be my pride, my rock, my defense, my all


When I first took up the challenge to war at long last

For a nation ripped with violence and cruelty of con hearts

I thought of you as I would my sword and shield

For I went with one thought of you to keep not to think


When I first heard your lovely cry for us to part in peace

I sought to find that peace at home within

For all I knew was to kill and slay

It was that they always wanted from our hearts so valiant


My war was chosen from a heart so dark and yet for you

To get to safety in time like this at every cost

That this bond be not thrown to the dust mixed with lovers’ blood

I chose to go for you to be forever at all times.




At first light, all I hope to see before dark is you

I go hungry because I will want a dish for two

For all is vague and dark my heart, my love you loot

To keep so tight in your care with that act of doom


I came to see Oh belle my days have come to terms

That no glory of you be far from my praises extend

For our hearts were sealed with iron and lead blend

For love so kind, so sweet and yet to end


You hold my hands through the crowd with every delight felt

That someday you alone shall come will keep this belt

Wrapped on our wrists in a bond we both almost left

For love that shines to all is real with no regret


I remember the songs you sang for wedded men

That price withheld from thee I sought burn

Their every greed conceived to no end

That you my love shall triumph to the end


I saw with an exaggerated pleasure

That my eyes behold not the beauty of such treasure

In shame, I watched everyone stare in stiff leisure

All that ill they did was in vain among their very labor


I hoped to make you my number one

Within the bounds of good taste and want

That you my love have gloried soul

With this love, robe ever so what as snow


I came to my end and look up to thee

My strength was failing and I couldn’t be

Anything for you I fought to see

That theses years with you were best indeed


Oh that I even could remember thee

When you came down with my hand in yours

It was more glorious than every praise I most desired

For it was all there was to fill my soul



As I walked through the valley of the show of death

I held my sword high in the air prepared for the worst

I hoped for the best at the very least of my strength

That my nation will triumph with her enemies in the dust


I took a look on my life and realized there was nothing left

For all I dreamed of was for peace to reign between our nations

But some rogues thought my mind was gone in this battle of steel

Blood for blood we stroke ourselves to death and the glory went to hell


I peace I shall rest these strong bones, born to my nation ever so bold

That I speak only what is on my mind at any given time or day

That our poor souls linger not in the wilderness of this war we set for gain

My prayer was for you oh blessed nation of old and of wisdom


Honor belongs to you who sent us to throw the blood of them who owned families

Honor will remain with you who sent us to slaughter ourselves for fame and glory

I shall not return in one piece until you take this honor in full

For my mind is made to serve with servility and compassion even at my very end


No love for the cowards as they era never there

Even when they passed away, I didn’t cry

For my grief gave no room for sympathy over strangers

I will die once and once only. This war of shame and yet of glory


Let my name be in the wind and on these sandy fields of blood and sweat


I wish for you to meet that Mr. Perfect

For it caused me more when all was correct

As one we bonded with an engaging prospect

This love we swore to protect

I hope for you to find solace

Smooth and silk as fine lace

For all memory of you and this place

Not for comfort nor praise

But for your fame, my disgrace

Every shadow of you that lurks

Hunts my guilty heart after such hard work

We did in vain for a beautiful piece of rock

I forever cherished on you my love luck

Those ambitions we built in fantasy

Only makes me think I am crazy

That I should forever call you my baby

Was why I never admired to get lazy


How long will the sun last for me to cast

This wondrous heart of love’s blast

To keep only memories of you, our lovely past

That I shall cling to thee in that field ever so vast


How long will the full moon stand the night?

For every touch you reach excite

To my bones as full, not a slight

For you my love, I delight


How long shall we look up to the stars?

So bright and yet so far

That tell the tales of hearts of scar

These moments may they be not far


How long shall we sleep to think?

For love that was spelt in ink

And every word it said was a link

To a ring in your finger to sink


How cold can we ever feel?

A world so dark and ill

This solitude that has no bill

For love so firm yet so still


How could I ever let you out of my sight?

For every act we played in our might

Was for love even in our fight

Through those dark days which you were my light


How much more can we give to love?

For all problems we shared unresolved

The scenes we acted at best with no result

That pain and agony of you afar thus dissolve


How would we be so blind?

This treasure between that bind

The timely love like no kind

Washed in marriage bonds that grinned


How cold would the days ahead be?

Even as still as the waters deep

The arrows of happiness of our past deeds

Shall consume every effort we strive indeed


How long shall we stand aside and look?

When we were built to live in a hook

Those tales from every old book

Tells the tales of how we grew.



I treasure the moment I walked up to you with a smile

Lit on my face as I shook off the dust off from my return

My mission that kept you only in thoughts so vague

Yet I saw my end from my last mile

But I walked through the odds, still with one smile

A thousand times I fell by the road side

A thousand times I rose again to my feet

Whether this love be true or cursed

I knew I would come to it at last.


The songs of battle we song for months

Was all there was to burn my nights of mourn

My tears that leaked from eyes so soft

For you my love, a poem I thought

And words were all to keep my strength


Night after night I fought these thoughts

My hope, buried in such grief of you

That I may never again behold your lovely face

A stamp and seal carved inside those thoughts

My longing was to return to you my love


My wishes were spiced with nights of fright

If I die in this place so not like home

Will my love for you still carry those hopes?

My fears, silent and heavy still made my nights

And you were what I bore with might

So deep I felt your pain inside


The burns of solitude decomposed me to ashes

But I could see the lashes of your feathery eyes

Fan your cheeks in wait for my return not hoped for

Oh my love, that I held on to these things I missed

I bore no doubts nonetheless to behold your face in such return


My words of hope and truth I said

Sting in my head like it was only yesterday

At long last my hopeless return

To my love, my love, my home at last