In the evening, the town is calmer and I can feel the tranquil breeze, flush down the ills of the day as I looked down from my balcony. It had been so tough and yet, so soft to have made away with $7000. I took a sip from the hot scotch Martini I had poured for myself in a glass as I tried to figure out what the con had been all about.

Joe, Raz and Naomi had involved me with every hope that I was going to endorse them for their upcoming nomination for leadership with Goefry, the mayor. I thought to myself for one moment, this was my big pick. I wouldn’t let this opportunity pass me by, so I agreed to help them achieve what they had come for.

I was the man of the people and for the people. Anyone wanted anything done; they contacted me because I always knew someone who knew someone who could get you what you wanted. I was that one man in ten thousand Raz and his band looked for. First, I saw the little profit I could make from a small campaign they wanted. I go my way with $200 and they make the whole lot of money in my back.

“Christ this won’t happen to me,” I said to myself as I did my enquiries on the pricing for the various posts they had opted to stand for the nominations. There was Richard Sypher, the best arbitrator in the pooling and a friend. He had assured me there was going to be a $7000 bundle for every group participants. Naomi was good at luring whoever she wanted and she had passed the test when she had me sign the $200 contract and in two days, the handing over will be done. “There is always something you can do Sypher, remember you owe me one…” I said quite convincingly. Sypher could be direct sometimes but when it came to me, he was a bit of a quandary and he could handle it all the same.

It was just for him to handle certain digits and change one or two references. I very much required that and once I had cashed the money, I went straight to the boarder. The heat was on and everyone was after me. Without clues and proof of theft, I was apprehended and while they sought to sentence me, the judges found me innocent of the charges though some could say I was a major cause of an up riot in the town.

The shadows of the faint black smoke still rose from the hot ground and with that blend of freshness and satisfaction, I decided to put it all behind me and move ahead.

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