The difficulty in finding a Publisher to publish your book.

It has become increasingly difficult for writers to get their books published. As the cost of publication has increased Publishers have become increasingly selective of the type of book they publish and whose books they are willing to expend the cost of publishing on. More and more publishing houses are preferring to publish stories by established authors and celebrities whose names are known to the general public. They are more prepared to take a risk with a celebrity name than risk the cost of publishing a book by an unknown author.

Many authors have resorted to paying the cost of publication themselves only to find that after they have distributed a few copies to friends and family they are left with a large number of copies of the book. This is often referred to as Vanity Publishing.

There is a skill in writing a novel in such a way that makes the opening paragraphs appealing to not only the reader but to the publisher who may have received a large number of potential books for publication on any one day. Unless the eye of the publisher is caught by the opening lines of the book it will be quickly discarded. The rejection process can be painful and yet that rejection may be the first opportunity the writer has received ‘Feedback. Using the Razahpost system the risk of early rejection is lessened as the writer has received feedback throughout the early stages of production.