Long travel companion

From December 2016 I started driving from Ras Al Khaimah to Dubai and Dubai back to RAK atleast twice a week as my office is in Dubai Silicon Oasis and my house is in Ras Al Khaimah.  Driving alone for atlas 250 KM a day almost daily is something that will make you need a driving companion. Usually people share rides with friends but my work requires more time that anyone I can imagine to be going around with. I started listening to music to keep myself company but it did work properly. A friend advice me about Dubai eye, I find the morning and afternoon programs very very interesting and then recently I am listening to audiobooks which are very good for long driving.  Long drive is like long walks they help one to think deep about so many things in short they are good for short discovery. It is sometimes hard driving daily but with a can of redbull an audio book will keep you company for your longer day.

Longer commute helped me a lot in coming with new ideas before I reach my offices and there is no better to end this with a quote from firshbird “Most people die with great ideas. Move an intention into reality by declaring what you want to happen, and by when.”


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