It was cold and chilly and I was yet to try the robe Miss. Jane had brought in from the shop. It was a perfect fit but I feared my manners all the same. I had to make an effort to fix up the areas that seemed tough, “Hello, it’s my pleasure meeting your acquaintance my lord,” I rehearsed by my bleating voice came out in coarse bleats to my displeasure.

We were a few hours to the ball and it would be my first night at the Ford’s. I looked glorious under my new robe and while everyone hoped I was going to be the bell of the ball, I esteemed that this dream of fantasy should come to pass before I lose the patience that pressured up in my gut.

Delanoir was a perfect jet-set and he will stop at nothing to pick the best from the many that had come. I had comportment issues as it was my very first time to witness a ball. I did one more rehearsal with Miss. Jane and she most assured me that I was doing great. “Keep it up,” she said and ushered me to mount on the carriage.

I was timid to make the eye contact that was very much required to show off my beauty. Yes, there was that general lack of confidence and I did nothing to work against it. The gentle ding of the glass against a metal resonated in the hall, “Let the dance commence ladies and gentlemen,” the valet called out and as Delanoir walked majestically in my direction, I felt my inside contract.

I did not want to imagine for one second that he was coming my way but again, I was filled with the so much impatience that built up. “Hello, I am most pleased to meet with your acquaintance my lord,” I babbled before he stretched his hand to shake mine.

He was stunned at my quick anticipation and with such gentleness, he came close enough, “You don’t have to be so tensed, I am only as ordinary as you can imagine me to be if you want to…” He muttered and dragged me gradually to the center of the dance floor.

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