Alex always wondered why Miss Jane always sat in front of her porch by six in the evening. He had asked the question to several many who had noticed Miss Jane’s tendencies but he couldn’t get any reasonable answer. For two weeks, she will come out of her house and comb her long blond hair for everyone to see.

“Excuse me, Can I talk to you please…” Alex called out. It was most obvious that Jane had beaten his resistance and now they were on her porch and Jane was looking at him with brooding eyes that urged him to state his business. “Sorry to disturb your peace beautiful one but I’d love to make an acquaintance to you ever so unique,” Alex said.

“You’re the fellow living across the yard right?” Jane asked.

“Exactly and I could fix you some tea if you want,” Alex responded. Now Alex only went after her lustrous beauty and he quickly forgot that he had just too much to handle at his bank.

“That’d be a great idea…Tea will do just fine but it’s going t wait till evening…I have some important guests from abroad…I have to be at the bank to get a loan…” Jane responded. Alex felt touched by her concern for friends and since he so wanted to get intimate with her.

“You may come to my bank then, I will so be willing to loan you the money Miss…”

“Jane…That’ll be so wonderful of you my dear friend, so I presume we move straight to the part where you wanted us to have a tea party for two.” She said with an air of romance that swept Alex off his feet.

The moment they had tea, Alex went to his coffers and took all the money he had saved from his bank and handed to Jane on the account that she will spend the night at his place after her friends were gone. She accepted his proposal with so much delight and once she was gone, there was no such thing as friends coming over to her place. Jane made away with all the money from Alex’s bank and now, Alex will be put to prison for being so egoistic.

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