Sky is the Limit

Ali had always hated to feel optimistic with the circumstances that surrounded him. He was the quick to get in trouble kind of guy and with that, it was most obvious for him to make many enemies. At 13, he still couldn’t meddle with his friends during the play-outs and every time he wanted propose to join for a game of soccer, he was heckled and rejected. “This is some sort of bad luck,” he said to himself crossing the yard to the side where every audience stood and cheered.

When the night came, he always felt warm and gooey by the brightness of the stars and the colorful display of lights that crossed the sky in teasing flashes. “Why do they do that all the times dad?” he asked as he’d noticed one star fall from its position.

“The legend of the stars…When you get to see a shooting star, you may wish for something and hold on to that dream for as long as you trust it will come to pass…” His dad responded. Nothing about what his father said made any sense to him because he had seen them over a thousand times and none of that made any sense to him.

“How will the stars grant our wishes when I hear they are billions of miles away from us?” He asked.

“This is the work of faith son, think of your worst problem and whenever you see one, make a silent wish concerning that issue…And be careful what you wish for, it may hunt you some time in the future,” his father responded under a gruff tone but Ali took all of that for a clown. His dad was fun of making him dream the unrealistic dream but later that night, when his father had left for bed; he saw one fly across the sky.

“I wish to gain respect from my friends and everyone in my class.” He said under a shaking voice.

The next day, the school had organized a match and Ali had so struggled to be among the first twelve to get in the squad but rather unfortunately, he was put in the field at the time their opponents had scored two goals in their nets.

At five minutes to the end of the match, Ali tackled and made a useful pass to his captain who scored the first goal and in the last minute, Ali scored the second goal that made them even. During the penalty shoot outs, he had been placed the last to kick and with all the tension, he kicked at an angle even the cameras couldn’t pick. He brought the victory of the day and before he knew it, he was lifted up high by the mob. To his surprise, under that hazy sunshine, he saw a faint blink in the sky and the words of his father echoed in his ears. He had made his very first wish and it worked.

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