Chronicles of Mark Johnson

This is the award winning story of an ex-celebrity photographer, who leaves the limelight in order to find his love of photography again; only to become a demon-hunter, but he has his own demons to fight too.

The Dockland Murders

This book is the first major work I wrote.  The story is about a young female PI, in a dingy US mid-town area, who first solves a cold case, which leads to the exposure of a cop killer, but what secret is he hiding?

Lifeboat Heoes

This is a fictionalised account of a rescue one of my uncles was involved in during the late 1970s. This story could be read on BBC Radio 4, in the new year.

The Ghost of St.Mary’s

The headland at Scarborough is dominated by the ruins of the 12th Century castle which is impenetrable from the sea, as the rock face is sand and virtually sheer.
This is a story not of the fight for the fort but for a lost soul.
Just below the castle is the church of St. Mary’s and in a far corner hidden from sight lies a broken gravestone, this is the sad story of a schoolgirl, her grave lies weed-ridden and long forgotten.