Get thrilled with the first episode of my new horror story on the castle of doom and how Maiva hopes to make the curse a blessing to the people of the town. Her struggle to keep her own life leads her to the realization that she too was doomed from the moment she found herself within those huge walls with nowhere to hid…Nowhere to run.


I was dragged to the basement parking lot by his brutal urge in all that confusion. There was nothing I could do to free myself from his strong hold. His breath reeked with staled cigarette smoke even as he spoke to my face and I was forced to pay less attention. He mentioned Helene and certain Swiss account numbers Paul had worked on the past weeks. I vividly knew what Paul was always undergoing though it was confirmed from the documents I saw that he was an account’s relation manager at the bank. I could nonetheless saw how it related to me and my daughter but it was most evident that my husband had put his family at stake for some little romance with Helene. “What are you going to do to me?” I cried out.
“You are not listening to me, I am asking you to call Paul…Hey sweetheart, call your husband.” He ordered under a tensed but soft note and then handed the phone to me. “I’ll give you five,” he added.
I tried as much to understand what he wanted me to tell Paul at the moment but bit by bit, I began seeing how he got involved. I noticed a tattoo on his right neck side, it was the same tattoo Helene carved on her right ankle. “What will I be telling my husband?” I bleated. Jenny’s voice broke the silence while I waited humbly for his response. She was tied to the booth of a dark van at the far end of the hall. “What have you done?” I screamed and broke myself lose from his coarse grip. I managed to make my way through their dark leathery crowd but I was weak from all the tossing, all the way down to the drive way underground level.
I was held between beefy arms and tightly though I stretched even endlessly at my very last strength,I couldn’t reach Jenny, a single touch was all I required. “Make the call now!” He ordered and there was no telling that was the last time he was repeating himself. With shaking hands, I punched the numbers that beeped silently in the waiting silence.
“Paul pick the damn phone,” I muttered to myself and it was obvious he wouldn’t answer any call from anyone in his joyful moments with his best, Helene. The probing ringing dotted a few more times and there was a soft beep followed by a lady’s voice…
“What? What did he say?” The leader asked snatching the phone from my hand.
“He didn’t answer…So what are you going to do with us?” I asked but it was obvious I was going to go down first.
“Now you’ll listen good, you’ll go home and hand this booklet to Paul. Tel him Abu sends his regards…He has less than ten hours to submit to my demands.” He said under an Arabic accent. His face looked mean and while I inhaled is close breath. Jenifer tried to hop from the booth but as steady as they held me, there was absolutely nothing I could other than what they had instructed me…


There was nothing as bitter as the feeling of desolation when my daughter was taken from me. I had worked and earned every single penny to take her to the Europa park and it was a three hours ride to the central town at Friebuck. I failed to realize how cautious I should have been and only focused on the time. “Jenny honey you’ve got to hurry,” I called out from downstairs but as slow as Jenifer was, at eight and a half, she came with a whole lot of baskets full of toys. The drama was up to my neck and Paul had gone perhaps in his usual escapades with Helene. I hoped to think of something better and not to curse Jenny’s first date at the park.
“Momy I wore the gown dad bought last summer,” she bleated and tossed her slender bonny body around in acrobatic patterns.
“Oh that’s sweet honey, now get in the car, the storm’s ahead of us.” I cautioned under a tensed note. I could tell from the lines on her smooth forehead that she required me to do everything willfully but Paul was most of what ate my mind. How would I get a divorce and keep Jenny? I turned the key at the ignition and while the engine delayed to respond, “What the hell,” I said, jabbing my head against the soft cushion seat in front of the wheel.
“What the hell?” She asked and I quickly realized I had gone out of hands.
“You know what honey…I think we’ll have to do this some other time, the engine is…” I lacked the exact words to make her understand but I did what I could at best. Her sharp graceful face sagged and she couldn’t move her slender pink lips to say a word. She felt like crying and that made me fell terrible. “Okay we’ll take the trip but you’ll not get out of my sight promise?” I jested and she nodded her small head with a mixed smile.
The engine took of on a second and relaxed turn and we rode out of the yard. I rode a three hours journey in two hours and I took every bend at top speed. I failed to realize the dangers I could get myself or Jenny into.
I failed to realize I was closely followed by some men I knew nothing about. When we arrived at the park, Jenny as excited as she was ran off as soon as the car came to a stop.
“I’m going to the riding station mom,” she called out but I really did not see which direction she went off to. I stayed studying how I was confront Paul and before I knew it, I had someone standing right next to me. He was wearing a green overall and he smelled cigarette smoke from his reeking breath.
“hello,” he called out as I was obviously lost in my thoughts.
“Hello,” I responded coldly.
“About Jenny…You cause any sort of alarm and you most certainly will never get to see her again…” He warned.
The earth rotated at top speed to my notice alone and while I struggled to say something, he placed a gentle finger across my lips and walked off. “We’ll keep in touch Angela…”


As the hurling wind whistled through the frosty shrubs, I managed to hide amidst a huge mesh of grass that was heaped amidst the trees. The trees that flanked the little path formed some horrible conspicuous images in the air like giant gods engaged in a battle. It was noiseless and creepy and I couldn’t determine which way to take. Something – Someone was marching and smashing the dried leaves and branches nearby. I stared with red wide eyes as the steps intensified towards my direction. Its breath breezed out with a growling heat like a dragon’s breath and when I peered to look, I saw the creature clearly. It was wearing Jonathan’s clothes and most obviously, it was Jonathan. His face had deformed into some slimy greased matter with black slimy leakages that dribbled down his face from all angles on his head. His eyes had shrunk within their sockets, dark and greasy, they darted in search. My breathing was loud and his sniffing was powerful. He could smell me and I couldn’t move a morsel from where I hid in stare. He walked a few steps in my direction and the faint blue light that was mixed with the smoke of the fog caused his shadow to cast upon me. Yes, he could perceive my scent and with a closer and curious look… “Jonathan please it’s me…” I bleated as he plunged his fist hard against my cheek. I could barely determine his direction as my vision grew blue out of a sudden and then dark. He seized me by the hair and dragged me all along the moist coarse ground of the cemetery tombs. He mumbled in growling bleats despite my plea for my freedom. “Jonathan no…” I yelled with the last vigorous drag and I was yet again in the castle…

I am a good mother.

The front page of the newspaper is about a family whose 6 years old daughter goes missing, just a year after their lose of their 3 year old daughter to sickness. That family is my family, only my husband and me now.

It has been 2 months since we reported Julia missing.

I am a good mother. I have always been. That is why I can not tell my husband that our Julz is laying under the grounds of our basement, buried with 2 stab wounds in her chest; I can not tell my husband that I had to do it. That Lizzy, our dead 3 year old, had come to me in a dream telling me she was alone and sad because no one was with her. So I decided to send Julz to her.

I am a good mother, I have always been.