How long will the sun last for me to cast

This wondrous heart of love’s blast

To keep only memories of you, our lovely past

That I shall cling to thee in that field ever so vast


How long will the full moon stand the night?

For every touch you reach excite

To my bones as full, not a slight

For you my love, I delight


How long shall we look up to the stars?

So bright and yet so far

That tell the tales of hearts of scar

These moments may they be not far


How long shall we sleep to think?

For love that was spelt in ink

And every word it said was a link

To a ring in your finger to sink


How cold can we ever feel?

A world so dark and ill

This solitude that has no bill

For love so firm yet so still


How could I ever let you out of my sight?

For every act we played in our might

Was for love even in our fight

Through those dark days which you were my light


How much more can we give to love?

For all problems we shared unresolved

The scenes we acted at best with no result

That pain and agony of you afar thus dissolve


How would we be so blind?

This treasure between that bind

The timely love like no kind

Washed in marriage bonds that grinned


How cold would the days ahead be?

Even as still as the waters deep

The arrows of happiness of our past deeds

Shall consume every effort we strive indeed


How long shall we stand aside and look?

When we were built to live in a hook

Those tales from every old book

Tells the tales of how we grew.


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