In the middle of the 18th century was a wicked duke who ruled over the empire of Sotto. He had acquired all the wealth of the kingdom and he ruled the people with an iron fist. Everyone was compelled to bow at his command and he was almost worshiped like a god. He had one major problem though; he did not know what it took to be loved or to love someone. One day at his balcony, he watched how Miss Jane was staring in his palace from her apartment that was opposite his bedroom.

He was fascinated at her distant smile and he wished to have a word with her. When his valet brought Miss. Jane at his presence, he was shocked at her insubordination when she didn’t bow in greetings to his majesty. “You can be beheaded for being rude to the king do you realize that?” He asked.

“I know so my lord but the choice will forever remain yours. I have made mine,” she said and the king was very angry. He didn’t know what to do so he came down from his throne and asked her what she wanted. “It is you who sent for me my king, what is it you want?” Miss. Jane said

The king stayed speechless for a few minutes and then went on his knees before her, “I admire your courage my lady and I humbly ask that you be my wife.” He said.

“Am I to object? You have ruled with an iron fist for twenty years and here you are lacking just what will make you the happiest man in the world…Isn’t that what you want?” She asked. She took his hand and got him back to his feet. “I can give you what you seek on one condition my king,”

“Whatever you desire my dear, I will do.” The king promised

“To become your wife, you will have to redistribute all the wealth you seized from these poor people you rule and we will be married and I shall love you with my whole heart,” Miss. Jane said and it was so. The king did as she ordered and when it was time for them to get married, Miss. Jane escaped from the kingdom.

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